The Mueller Report clearly reveals criminal, treasonous and impeachable behavior on the part of 45.

As if that weren’t sufficient, Mueller’s recent testimony before two house committees put an exclamation point on these things so that those not willing to “read the book” can at least “see the movie.”

Forty-five’s willingness — and that of his supporters — to accept election interference on his behalf by a hostile power, both in 2016 and currently, is clearly treasonous and certainly criminal.

Look at his attempts to stifle the investigation into his wrongdoing, and you have at least 10 instances of obstruction of justice. Add to this the ongoing refusal to submit to legal subpoenas and the requirement that his staff ignore congressional subpoenas and you have contempt of Congress.

We also see the adamant refusal to release tax and bank records, the amassing of wealth by charging the government to pay for secret service accommodations in his own hotels and the massive taxpayer costs to his endless golf outings. Much of this abrogates the emoluments clause of the Constitution (Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8).

And then there is the racism and misogyny that he has exacerbated with his hate-filled rhetoric.

Rather than draining the swamp, this most corrupt administration in our history has made it deeper.

All of this far exceeds the sins for which Nixon was to be impeached. At least Nixon was not a traitor.

The unwillingness of the House leadership to at least begin an impeachment inquiry is incomprehensible. True, the Senate is unlikely to convict, but such an inquiry will give teeth to subpoenas and the investigation. I get numerous requests from Pelosi’s office for contributions to the DCCC, but my response is that they will get my support only when they begin an inquiry.

Douglas McGaw


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KB Thomas

Jesse Venture: Break the two party dictatorship video and then review A Brief History of the Rockefeller/Rothschild Empire.

KB Thomas

Review 911Truth.Org Robert Mueller's Questionable Past

burn'n daylight

Why is it that only democrats think that the Mueller report says that the report was in any way negative to my President... Get a life and let the man do his job that he was elected to do...


Because it turned out that no one cared about his personal life 20 to 40 years ago, no one cared about his tax returns and the Democrats have no viable candidate for the 2020 election thus the continued harping on the Mueller report. The Dems said they would impeach Trump before he was elected in his first 90 days of his presidency. The Dems empty cries have turned into "white noise" like the hum of the motor on a fan. They "cried wolf" too many times. They know better than to attempt to impeach Trump, because they have nothing and it will make them look more foolish than they already do. The economy is looking really good and it pains the Dems so much as they prefer to recruit their voters by a "hand out" (welfare check) rather than a "hand up" (job). Pretty simple really, isn't it?

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Yes, you are right, the Democrats tell a lot of lies, but that is the mainstay of their existence anymore.

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Actually, with in Hillary's case, it was not "mouse droppings", it was "rat droppings". No, I hold myself responsible for my sins, so not a Christian. In my first election in 1972, I voted for McGovern. I was a Democrat until they supported abortion, and the party has really went downhill since that time. Any Democrat that doesn't realize the desperation by their party over not having a viable candidate is not being realistic. There were mass shootings well before Trump was in office, and unless one has lived under a rock for the past couple of decades, one doesn't need to be told that. The Democrats are out of their mind crazy over not having a viable candidate and the thriving economy that flourishes under the Trump administration. Of course you don't read what I write as the truth is pure poison to a liberal Democrat. Ah, it rings true with the Democrats "Ignorance is bliss".

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Anger isn't good for the soul, so choose another venue for your news as to not be so misinformed. Liberal media attempts to excite people with their delusions. If you all had a decent candidate for 2020, that would give you something else to dwell on, but that isn't happening, so.......... I guess you'll have to continue to blame everything on Trump, but he has wide shoulders!

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Google the Time article "Mass Shootings in the US: 37 years of mass shootings". Also, do some research on the role that illegal and prescription drugs play in the mass shootings along with "side effects" of prescription medications for a clearer picture of what is happening in our society. Hey, we have a flood warning, darn Trump causing these rains, shame on him! So, the Dems believe that Trump is a god of sorts with unlimited power over man, and probably beast? Weird.

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