If you are sick and tired of the impeachment ordeal, don’t go farther with this quiz.

Or, if you want to do a bit of a quiz; then go for this. I have attempted to simply ask some questions as to what the process is, and for that matter, was.

Just as with the actual impeachment, there will be no prize at the end at all.

Here we go. Answers will be at the end, cheat if you wish because it matters not, because you will not be graded. I know that I will hear from more folks than any of my pieces if I goof on any of these questions.

1. Did the House of Representatives vote in favor of it performing an impeachment of President Trump? Yes or No

2. Does the US Constitution require that the House vote in favor of performing an impeachment? Yes or No

3. How long did the House have in order to call witnesses? One month, Two months, three months, four months.

4. How many witnesses were called to appear by the Democrats? None, five, 10 or 17

5. How many Presidents have been impeached? One, two, three or four.

6. Once impeached by the House and sent to the Senate, how many Senators must vote in favor of removing an officer to in fact force that officer to leave office? 50, 55 or 67

7. How many witnesses did the majority Democrats allow to be called to the House by Republicans? None, five, eight, seventeen

8. Should an officer of government be acquitted, is this charge removed from the record just like a jury trial, or does it stand for life? Not removed or is in fact removed from the record.

9. How many Presidents have used “executive privilege” against the requests of the Judicial branch? Many, including Washington, very few or almost none

10. Can a President’s executive privilege be overturned by the courts? Yes or No

11. Were the courts asked to overturn Trump’s request for executive privilege? Yes or No

12. Which Presidents have been impeached:

A. Johnson




All of the above

13. Have any of the Presidents been actually removed from their office after their Senate trial? Yes or No

14. Can other officers of a federal office be impeached? Yes or No

15. Did the founding fathers fear and warn against a partisan impeachment? Yes or No

16. Is the President legally able to impend and restrain the Congress via his veto or by other methods? Yes or No

17. May a president solicit a foreign nation to interfere or involve itself in the US election process? Yes or No

18. At the recent impeachment, was the President allowed to have his attorney present during the House questioning process? Yes or No

19. Was Ukrainian military aid delivered ahead of schedule? Yes or No

20. Is it up to the Congress to establish what a high crime is? Yes or No

21. What officer of the Federal Government presides over the Senate trial? The leader of the Senate, The leader of the House of Rep., The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

22. What was President Trump’s two charges from the House? Fill these two in yourself

23. What does the House of Representatives do during an impeachment?

Call witnesses

Investigate for evidence of a crime, bribery or high misdemeanors.

Vote for or against impeachment

Pass a budget to allow government to continue to function

None of the above

The first thru third of the above and other duties.

24. How many Presidents have been tried in the Senate?





25. What is a “House Manager?”

Someone that makes sure that everything in the House is orderly

Someone who manages the bills being presented to the House of representatives.

A group of Congressmen who present the Articles of Impeachment along with the evidence for impeachment to the Senate.

26. May Senators choose to be absent during an impeachment trial? Yes or No

The history of Federal impeachments is:

15 were federal judges; 13 district court judges; one court of appeals judge (who also sat on the Commerce Court); and one Supreme Court Associate Justice.

Three were Presidents: Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were later acquitted by the Senate.

KEY: 1.) No; 2.) Yes; 3.) Four months; 4.) 17; 5.) 3; 6.) 67; 7.) None; 8.) It’s removed; 9.) Many; 10.) Yes; 11.) No; 12.) 3 (Nixon resigned before); 13.) No. The three that were impeachmented were all acquitted by the Senate; 14.) Yes; 15.) Yes; 16.) Yes; 17.) No; 18.) No; 19.) Yes; 20.) Yes; 21.) Chief Justice; 22.) Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress; 23.) 1 thru 3; 24.) Three; 25.) A group that presents the impeachment case from the House to the Senate; 26.) No

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