Today we are challenging our online community at to give a donation to Food for Students.  Each day tens of thousands of readers enjoy our content for free and today we ask you to give back by giving a small donation to Food for Students.  A donation can be made online at or by stoping by the Flint Hills Mall.

Below is a more about the Match Day Event:

Give to Food For Students Today

Ten years ago, a small group of concerned Emporians got together to come up with a plan to address a serious need in our community: food insecurity among children in Emporia schools who often go hungry on the weekends.

Food For Students was born and, since then, with the help of the Emporia School District and hundreds of community volunteers, more than 24,000 weekend to-go bags of food have been put in the hands of students who need them the most. With these bags in hand, so many students have gone from fearing the end of the school week to going home on Fridays with a sense of hope and security. Time and time again, stories are told of the impact these small bags of food make on a child’s life in Emporia.

In the 10 years of operation, not one penny has been spent on anything but the food to fill these bags. One hundred percent of donated funds are spent to purchase food to fill the bags. There is no paid staff and no overhead costs to operate Food For Students.

With an approximate annual operating budget of $40,000, FFS relies heavily on Match Day funds to make it through the year. And there’s not a better time to give than on a day when donations up to $1,000 are being matched!

This year’s matching funds are provided by: Clint Bowyer 79 Fund; E.L. & Irene Hopkins Foundation; Jane & Bernard Reeble Foundation; Preston Family Trust; Trusler Foundation; and the WS & EC Jones Testamentary Trust Bank of America, N.A. Trustee.

For the 2019/20 school year FFS expects to fill and distribute nearly 4,000 bags between September and May. For every $10 donated on Match Day, two bags will be able to be filled and distributed to Emporia’s hungriest children.

Please consider all the organizations participating in Match Day on Monday, but don’t forget about Food For Students.

Match Day will be held from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday at the Flinthills Mall.

See you there!

Ashley Knecht Walker


Donations will be matched today

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While this is a nice program, I wonder if CPS is checking on what the situation is in the homes where the children have nothing to eat on the weekends to find out what is going on as there may be additional issues.

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