From left, Sommers Auto Plaza Owner Trey Sommers, Detail Manager Collin Hopkins and Shop Foreman Fred Brown pose with one of the delearship’s newest offerings.

Helping customers achieve their goals in an affordable and stress-free manner has always been the top priority for Emporian Trey Sommers, no matter his profession.

With this year’s opening of Sommers Auto Plaza at 1806 W. 6th Ave., he’s now looking to continue his tradition in the realm of pre-owned vehicles.

“I’ve been in the trucking industry for the last nine years, and before that, I was in the travel business,” Sommers said. “I actually did a little in car sales when I was in college and in between college, and that’s when I really started to realize that I loved working with people. A big part of the reason I wanted to start Sommers Auto Plaza was so that I could have a job where I was out and speaking to the public again. I also love vehicles, and I felt like there was a need in Emporia for sort of a niche car dealership, I’ll say.”

In separating his business from other, similar dealerships, Sommers has made a habit of prioritizing customer service, both while meeting with prospective buyers face-to-face and beforehand through an updated online presence.

Sommersautoplaza.com now boasts a completely virtual showroom which enables all vehicles on the lot — including interiors — to be viewed in a 360-degree format. Visitors to the site will also notice that all listed prices have been reviewed by third party organizations such as CarFax and CarStory, allowing for added confidence throughout the buying process for both newer and older models.

“I’m a firm believer that the process of buying a car can be fun,” Sommers said. “It doesn’t have to be something intrusive and invasive where a sales representative is looking over your shoulder and constantly asking you questions. Part of the reason why we wanted to include so much information online was so that people could be in here and on the road in a new car quickly, sometimes in as little as 30 minutes. Allowing customers the opportunity to do that work and research beforehand has been a real advantage.”

Of course, allowing customers the chance to review their options in detail would mean little if there wasn’t a car for each budget. Sommers takes this line of thinking into each auction or online sale, searching for vehicles that can easily fit into the financial situations of the average area family.

“It was rewarding for me to see a family be able to plan the vacation they always dreamed about when I was working in travel, and it’s the same way with cars,” Sommers said. “People save up their hard-earned money and see the purchase of a new vehicle as a reward, so to speak. I want to be there to help them fulfill that, and it’s been really cool to see the excitement and joy involved in some of our sales.”

Sommers always welcomes community input, and encourages those considering a change in their typical car-buying experience to reach out with any questions on pricing, financing or vehicle availability through the dealership’s website, by calling 620-794-4040 or emailing trey@sommersautoplaza.com

“We want to offer things that you can’t always find in town,” Sommers said. “People don’t need to feel like they have to go to Wichita or Kansas City to find things like Audis, Mini Coopers or Hondas. We have and want to continue to offer just about any kind of vehicle, whether truck or car, that can help meet the needs of all the great individuals and families here in Emporia.”

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Hollowed Ground

With the exception of the car in the photo, just about the entire inventory consists of a bunch of old jalopies. Some have so many miles the engines or other major support equipment must be about to fail. I can see why they posed with the 2-yr old car instead of the 18-yr old car or 22-yr old truck.

Gary Lukert

Best of Luck to you! I really like what, how you are doing your business.

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