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A book covering closed Kansas schools, including in Lyon and Chase counties, has hit the shelves this week.

“Golden Rule Days: History and Recollections of 109 Closed Kansas High Schools,” is now available at Ellen Plumb’s City Bookstore in Emporia, 1122 Commercial St., and through ellenplumbs.indielite.org.

Author James Kenyon has collected stories from student alumni of closed high schools as he traveled through every county in the state. These include Americus Rural High School in Lyon County and Strong Rural High School in Chase County, two of 109 institutions documented by Kenyon.

Kenyon is a native of Bogue, with a family legacy in education. He was born and raised on a third-generation family grain and livestock farm near the town. For the book, Kenyon consulted county historical records as well as interviewing former students and teachers, culminating in unique school profiles that include information ranging from the growth of school classes and programs to songs and traditions.

“Author-detective-explorer-historian James Kenyon has created a treasure trove of memories and discoveries about hometown high schools now lost to school consolidation and unification. In a dozen trips over 15 months to his home state, Kenyon uncovered fascinating facts, photographs and anecdotes about high schools in every Kansas county that have been lost to history,” said Dave Webb, co-author of “999 Kansas Characters: Ad Astra,” a 2015 Kansas Notable Book.

A graduate of Kansas State University, Kenyon is a veterinarian in a 35-year, mixed animal practice in Iowa and a veterinarian for the Alaska Iditarod Dog Sled Race. His first book with Meadowlark Books, “A Cow for College,” was selected as the 2018 Martin Kansas History Book Award winner.

Readers can learn more at www.meadowlark-books.com.

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