I have written numerous letters here, and a lot of people ask why I don’t write more. Two reasons:

• The newspaper only prints one letter per month from a specific contributor.

• I am not your voice.

When I challenge someone to write his/her own essay, they usually respond with some version of, “But you do it so much better.” Sorry, but that excuse does not fly. I speak for myself. It is not up to me to speak for others. Each of us has something to say, and each has a unique way of saying it. Submissions are easy to make via email at news@emporia.com.

I offer this challenge: Write your own ideas in your own words. You need not feel you must “compete” with me or others with a large vocabulary. We need the voice of reason and sanity, especially in this time when hateful diatribes are so common, and when some — like Mr. Smoots and Ms. Mast — support a president who has all the disqualifications of a failure and felon and none of the redeeming characteristics of an actual leader.

Note that the only substantive argument they have is that the economy is “good,” combined with the assumption that it will remain so for another 15 months. The economy is good because Obama stepped in 10-plus years ago and governed in a way to turn the recession around. The Obama economy produced the longest steady improvement in recent history, and DJT is riding on those coattails. The current occupant’s mishandling of the economy has slowed it down and is about to send it into a tailspin. (For that reason, I have removed all my IRA funds from the market and secured them in a safer place.)

For the sake of our future, speak up!

Douglas McGaw


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So, how long are liberals going to "milk" the fallacy that President Trump's success with the economy is due to Obama? Look at the job situation under Trump, and you'll find the reason that liberals are sweating bullets as they should be. Obama's push to destroy our economy to force us to except globalism, (giving up everything we are and what we have worked for) is going to take some time to reverse, but President Trump is working diligently to get that done. Thank God that Hillary was not elected to continue the destruction that Obama worked so diligently toward. What do the common people care about? Jobs, living wage jobs that the tariffs will restore. I guess people commenting here don't remember that when tariffs were in place, that allowed our manufacturers to stay in business. What puzzles me most is that so many people, at least here and on CNN, don't understand basic economics. When our manufacturers produce products in our country, they earn a good wage which they then spend locally or on other US made products keeping our dollars within in our country rather than being exported to China. Come on, that is so simple! It is easy to see that American dollars going out of the country is not going to be a positive thing! When tariffs disappeared, so did a lot of living wage jobs and the quality of those Chinese goods means you constantly have something failing, especially with anything electrical/electronic. You pay more for quality products, but they last longer. Didn't anyone else take economics class in high school, or has that become something forbidden to limit knowledge so CNN or FOX can do the thinking for you? I think the liberals have mostly ran out of arguments just beating a few chosen fallacies or accusations toward Trump again and again. You all need some new material!


Much of Trumps success with the economy is directly due to Obama. I posted the actual job numbers yesterday, proving Obama created more actual jobs in his last two years than Trump in his first two. Who really loves their manufacturing job anyway?

"Obama's push to destroy our economy to force us to except globalism," Yeah I'll just stop reading there. Your reading comprehension is subpar to put it nicely and your repetitive non-arguments aren't worth anyones time. Enjoy for FOX news, it's where all your information obviously comes from.

KB Thomas

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. Henry Ford.........Nothing in politics happens by accident. FDR.


Your description of DT’s character and leadership abilities are spot on. Thank you for speaking out—I appreciate it. And your statements about the economy are exactly right. Keep up the honest commentary. I hope others will do the same.

Comment deleted.

Stick to selling real estate and spare us the conspiracy theories. You're wasting paper and pixels, and sound more than a little crazy.

KB Thomas

Drain the swamp, do not think left or right but, up or down. Explore the life and death of Jeffrey Epstein. Video YouTube.

KB Thomas

Read between the lines folks, review The Bankers and your pensions Tom D'Ambra YouTube.

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