Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) speaks during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Tuesday, April 26.

Sen. Rand Paul has been placed on a Ukrainian blacklist for promoting “Russian propaganda,” following months of critical comments about U.S. involvement in the ongoing war.

The country’s Center for Countering Disinformation listed Kentucky’s junior senator among a group of politicians, academics and activists that it sees as hostile to the country as it continues to try to beat back Russia’s five-month invasion.

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Hey Russia, If you're listening, we'd like you do us a favor. It seems that America has developed it's own (actual) Nazi problem. When you finish up in Ukraine, would you send your Fascist fighting skills over here. Our Republican Party has developed an especially nasty sub-variant that's tearing our country apart. While the old Republican Party was no prize, these guys are really vicious. Tha'd be Great, thanks. USA!!!


The Democrats blacklist you if you have any questions about how taxpayer money is spent. Their attitude is "Shut up, stupid."


MWS, How, exactly, can you be blacklisted for inquiring about how our taxes are spent, or for anything else for that matter? And, what's this nonsense about a blacklist anyway? Don't just shut up, this time, try to explain yourself. RUOK?


It's okay. Ron, it's only $40,000,000,000.00 of taxpayer money down the rathole of Ukrainian corruption.

If you really want to track what happens to those weapons after, they get to Kiev, just go to the Dark Web, you can see where some enterprising Ukrainian officials has listed some of those howitzers, sniper guns and other "security assistance" for sale to the highest bidder.

And don't worry about that overloaded cargo plane, outbound from Ukraine, that crashed in Greece last week. The cargo, according to the State Department, the CIA and the Dictator (i mean President) of Kiev, was an DHL air-express delivery of Pentagoon weaponry misrouted for terrorists - WHOOPS, I mean to say grain for starving children, that's what it was.

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