Over the years, I am appreciative of The Gazette publishing my thoughts. I must advise that this particular article is a waste of paper and time.

Just so folks know, all of my adult kin are legal immigrants except for their US-born kids and for ours. I have few adult relatives other than my in-laws. This, and working at a university for over 40 years (I count my graduate assistance ship), gives me a bit of insight into immigration and how it works. Not to mention that my bother-in-law, Jim Harter, was the International Student Adviser and I was introduced to my wife of almost 40 years through that International Student Office contact.

I have been gratified by comments from folks that they enjoy my articles, but how come I don’t make a recommendation for a solution to our immigration debacle?

So here goes nothing, and I mean nothing will be done for the reasons that I will give.

I have mentioned these laws before, but just as a reminder, allow me to again share and for me to regale you with some of Congress’s failed attempts to solve the problem: Naturalization Act of 1790; Naturalization Act of 1796; Aliens Friends Act of 1798; Naturalization Act of 1802; Naturalization Act of 1870; Page Act of 1875; Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882; Immigration Act of 1891; Geary Act of 1892; United States vs Wong Kin Ark case of 1898; Anarchist Exclusion Act of 1903; Naturalization Act of 1906; Barred Zone Act of 1917; Immigration Act of 1918; Johnson-Reed Act of 1924; National Origins Formula of 1924; and Equal Nationality Act of 1934; 1930’s Federal officials deport tens of thousands and possibly more than 400,000 Mexicans and even Mexican-Americans and many U.S. citizens who were children; Nationality Act of 1940; McCarran-Walter Act of 1952; Kwong Hai Chew vs Colding 1953; Operation Wetback 1954; Hart-Celler Act of 1965; Cuban Refugee Adjustment 1966; Plyler v. Doe 1982; Immigration Reforms and Control Act 1986; Immigration Act 1990; United States vs Verdugo-Urquidez 1990; Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996; Rodriquez v. United States 1999; Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act 2002; The Real ID Act.

Do you get the drift that our efforts have been basically failures? So get to the solution already for Pete sake.

Do I think that we need a wall? Yes. Do I think that it will work in the present legal and historical contexts? No. In that 40 percent of present-day illegals flew into the country; in that our leadership forgets our borders on the Atlantic, Gulf, Pacific and Canada; in that if drug dealers bring tons of dope in, then illegals are no big problem. In that it now takes 25 years for someone to come here legally from Mexico and longer from the Middle East, here are some things that might help improve the prospects for The Wall to work. I credit a big Mexican - American friend here in Emporia for the suggestion about using our U.S. agencies South of the border. Here goes:

• Require all visitors to the U.S. to pay a refundable deposit that is significant. Make this deposit significant.

• Require and allow those wanting a visa from South of the borders to pay the deposit at any one of the numerous embassies or U.S. consulates in South America or South of the border.

• Via our numerous consulates in the many foreign locations, have them do a background check right there which would work better than anywhere else. (Credit my big Mexican - American mechanic for this outstanding idea).

• Allow banks (not the government) to account for the deposits as if they were a “passbook” deposit. Banks would keep the interest as some payment for their help.

•Upon leaving, per one’s visa, that person would immediately get their deposit money back.

The most critical suggestion to helping The Wall to work is to fine or imprison those employers who greedily hire illegals.

When our American students go to study in Germany and other European countries, they must make deposits in that country to show that they will not be a drain on that country.

I will not go further on these details. I think that this would give us some control and it would allow temporary workers a way to get to the jobs. And employers, so desperate for help, the labor that has been the incentive for doing nothing since our first immigration bill in 1790.

Do I expect Congress to do anything meaningful that would improve the chances for The Wall to work? No. If Congress has been a failure since 1790 to fix our problem, this article is likely a waste to time, paper and the time that it took for you to read it.

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[tongue]The writer seems to be unaware of the numbers crossing the southern border illegally and according to their thinking, if it's not 100% effective than it's not the answer.. Meanwhile billions of tax dollars is being spent on the problem. That in my book is pretty dysfunctional thinking.


I understand people from other countries coming to America for a better life. But even if there not legal citizens they need to pay taxes,insurance,and pay for medical like the rest of us. I'm tired of
Illegal immigrants having better benefits than U.S. citizens and most of it is for free and costing the tax payers a lot of money.


Maybe illegals would pay taxes if there was such a system in place to do so. Or maybe they wouldn't... we all know they're not sending their best down there. A single payer system could help alleviate that cost too, but dirty liberals and socialism derrp derp we love the unaffordable system we have now with sky high premiums and deductibles, that are directly caused by uninsured people not paying their bills...

And as Gary can tell you, dirty lyin donnie trump doesn't have anyones healthcare in mind. He's still focused on keeping brown people out, but that's not going to magically decrease health care costs or increase tax revenue. And if someone really needed to get up north of the border for medical attention, they would do so effortlessly. Mexicans Always Get Across.


American citizens should be the first priority in the United States. First! We have our own citizens going without adequate medical, housing and food while giving emergency medical to include child birth (to the children who will get public assistance benefits having been born on American soil of illegal alien parent(s), those children getting the whole family into public housing (Ben Carson is working on this one), getting special school services because they don't speak English when entering schools, and funding for food programs for the "homeless" going to illegal alien families living with other families (and this isn't homeless)............ I am sure the world is full of "economic" deprived people that would love to be set up in the USA by simply entering, having some babies to in an attempt to anchor themselves, but those across the ocean don't have the luxury of doing that. We should stop all economic to countries that are sending us their poor or bill the country for their care. As long as we wrongly interpret the 14th Amendment, they will continue to come, have children they can't afford that will burden US taxpayers. With education, a non-English speaking child costs considerably more at a time when there isn't enough tax dollars to support basic education for children arriving at school speaking English. I remember when you had to show a birth certificate, and later when children had to have some basic skills to enter kindergarten as far as counting, colors, etc.


You are under the assumption that they are coming here to work. Once upon a time that was true but not anymore. It's the free stuff they are after and breaking the immigration laws does not make for a good impression. There are lots of gangs and killers crossing into America because they are fleeing the law in their own country,.

Gary Lukert

Oh, yes...and, I am sure businesses welcoming tourists from abroad would "really welcome" this business killing practice!


Some good thoughts. The lust for cheap labor by some businesses is a major problem and politicians getting sucked into the mix don't look at the reason that it might be hard to hire someone which often is because they can't live on the wages paid unless they have 5 kids that are drawing public assistance as citizens in their own right. We need the Wall to stop just anybody coming through the border for just any reason. The cost to the taxpayers for refugees, illegal aliens and even some legal immigrants has become too great. We are at the point that those groups are put before citizens that are struggling to survive, otherwise known as "the breaking point" for many of our citizens. We have laws for a reason.

Gary Lukert

Well, SNOWGYPSY, you finally got one thing right! Cheap Labor is the original culprit...going way back with farm labor. They were way, way underpaid. Conservatives were the real cause! And, of course, the Americans didn't care at all...as the food, especially fruit...was way cheaper. The Americans, most of them,
were against the farm laborers when they wanted more money. Back around 12 years ago, my bother & his wife got new vinyl flooring--in Glendale, AZ. My sister in-law was upset they were NOT speaking English and kicked them out...she called the store, and the store owner was upset. He told her they work Cheap! YES, another Conservative. Several years ago, the state of Alabama really cracked down with laws against illegals...well, even the legal immigrants LEFT. Naturally, the White Alabamans are not fond of farm or really hard labor. It was really hard to find people to do the work, so, Alabama changed, eased their laws! They had to do to it because CONSERVATIVE Republican Alabama whites wouldn't do the work. Yes, they are Lazy!


I lived in Alabama for two years, and the people there work very hard and are not lazy. I often find your comments, your prejudice and what appears to be hatred of different group of people disgusting! All it takes to end the issue is applying the 14th Amendment as written and workplace enforcement. Also, it is a myth when it comes to agricultural jobs and how not hiring people who don't respect our laws (illegal aliens) would increase the prices by very little, about 5 cents on a head of lettuce to hire an American, and an American citizen will do the work if the pay is right. If the price goes up, and they spend the money in the community, that supports the jobs of other citizens rather than having a generous amount of that go out of the state and more likely the country. I can't teach economics here, but that is where the error lies in most of the liberal arguments. Alabama is a beautiful state with friendly and hardworking people. You don't like whites, Christians, Conservatives and only God knows who else. Well, illegal aliens traditionally do jobs, especially in the bigger cities, that black Americans had done in the past - if you watched black supporters of Trump, I wouldn't have to tell you that they want those jobs. Also, I know about AZ as I lived there 6 years and watched my child with special needs denied the speech therapy that he needed being told that "English As A Second Language" was the priority of special education funds. Yes, I have been out living my life across the US not sitting at home having others tell me what to think.


It also varies widely based on where in the country you're talking about. If you think the pricing delta on raising wages enough to attract American day laborers would equate to a nickel per head of lettuce I think you're highly underestimating the number of workers that are utilized in some regions of the country. Also the relative cost of living. I'm in an area where immigrants are the vast bulk of unskilled employees. There simply are nominal numbers of Americans with any interest in working in retail, food service, construction or anything else that's not a professional-tier role. In your area you've got a very different economy basis, you could almost live with two full time minimum wage incomes. Here a family would be hard pressed to get by on 3x that amount. However on the flip side, let's look at what contemporary Republicans are thrilled about H1B visas (which tech companies use to bring in temporary skilled workers), and they impact the opportunities available in my own professions. So the point here is that since it impacts corporations, Republicans protect their ways to get them in (and they tend to increase big business revenues), where Democrats tend more to favor opportunities to people who would impact your region. Yes, I'm for open borders since there's a fascinating amount of retconning going on about when even some of your Lyon County founders were not Americans but rather Germans who didn't bother with language, customs, or citizenship until the outbreak of WWI caused there to be a prevailing reason to do so. It's not an easy solution, but for a country based on opportunity and closed vision to slam the doors (especially when the fear-mongering most invoked is the exact same lines used for each prior wave of immigration for several centuries) is willful ignorance of our own past.

Gary Lukert

Are you going to put walls on the ocean borders? How about Walls at Landing Strips. That way you keep them from landing! (Oops,then, nobody can land!)


Again, e-verify and proper interpretation of the 14th Amendment will take care of the current immigration problem once the wall (a combination of natural barriers, fencing, wall and electronic monitors plus letting border control do their job rather than being caretakers for people that have broken our laws) is in place. Take a deep breath and do some research online rather than mimic liberal lies.

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