I hate to say goodbye, but sometimes there’s just no other choice.

As of Thursday, I will be leaving The Emporia Gazette. Wednesday will be my last day.

Last week, I got an offer from the owner of the Junction City Union to be that paper’s managing editor.

It’s not a decision I made lightly.

I will deeply miss covering stories in Emporia. Serving your community in this capacity has been an absolute blast. I’ve loved writing stories about people in Emporia and the surrounding area. I’ve enjoyed talking to you all and taking photos at your events.

I plan to still be around town on occasion, because Emporia’s too good to just up and leave forever.

You have a wonderful little community here.

Please never take it for granted that you have events going on almost every weekend in your area, that you have small businesses thriving in your downtown and that you’ve maintained that small-town feel while hosting some big-city-caliber events.

Please believe me when I say that not everybody has what Emporia has.

In face, I would say what Emporia has is rare, and not just for Kansas.

Please continue, also, to support your newspaper.

It may not always print what you want it to print, but please believe me when I say that you need a newspaper. Every community needs a local paper that covers local news. You may not realize it — most people don’t until they’re gone — but a local paper is vital to your community. These papers report on issues that, dry though as they may sometimes be, you need to know about, including local government.

To keep a small, local paper running, that paper needs the support of the community that surrounds it.

The same goes for those small businesses I mentioned earlier.

Please keep shopping local and reading this paper.

I went to Emporia State University starting in 2009 and graduating 2012 and I can tell you, Emporia hasn’t always been what it is today.

You built it up. You made your city a better place.

Your community has done a wonderful job and I hope to see that work continue, even if I’m not strictly here to watch it.

Lydia Kautz


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Please keep in mind that there are people in the outlying communities who DO NOT have access to a computer and the actual DAILY newspaper is their only way to get news as to what is going on.


Gazette going 3 days of makes you they are going to sale or shut down.

Not much in the paper anyway.


You say to keep reading your local paper, but frankly it is very hard to do so when you restrict the amount of content online viewers can read. Sometimes it’s 2 articles and sometimes it’s 3 or 4, but eventually online viewers are greeted with a message that says you have to purchase an online subscription.

Never heard of a local paper doing this. Maybe the citizens in Junction city are able to read their newspaper online without restriction. If so, when you get up there, you should let them know how lucky they are.

Best wishes. Emporia may be an excellent place to live, but not necessarily for online viewers.


Instead of clicking on the article, right click and choose open in private window. You can even sign in and leave a comment if you want to. Otherwise you can clear you cookies and history or whatever and refresh the page and it will work again.


Why do folks expect to read the paper for free. The paper cannot stay in business if you are not willing to buy it. It is a business. Costs money to operate, pay employees, etc. Would you expect to go to McDonalds and be given a Big Mac? If you want a newspaper to continue in our community, you are going to have to support it by, gasp, actually buying a subscription.


I'm afraid newspapers everywhere are on their way out. They were a wonderful source for news and information back in the day but their usefulness has diminished. There are lots of no-subscription sources for news and information on the internet that pay for themselves via ads.


I checked the cost, and the online version costs as much as the print version, $8 a month. Probably the reason the paper has so few subscribers is their insisting on pushing the liberal agenda as this is not the land of the liberals, not yet anyway. Also, it seems every activity that I have ever read about was "after the fact" rather than promoted prior to the event. Maybe if the paper got in tune with the "entire" population in Emporia, they might have more subscribers. I cannot support a left-leaning newspaper with my cash. Balance, they should try being more balanced.


Sadly, JC has just starting doing the same thing, but there will be much more to report as much more happens there. Also, the newspaper does not constantly run liberal articles in JC which might make it worth an online subscription. Good luck in JC! JC has diversity being near the military post, a whole different sort of Kansas town. When moving there, I thought all of Kansas would be like JC, but a military town doesn't represent what the rest of the state is like - a good thing in the mind of someone coming from outside of Kansas.


Why do folks expect to read the paper for free? If people are no

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