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Lyon County taxpayers are being asked to consider another tax increase through another school bond proposal.

The cost to the residential owner on the $100,000 home at the proposed mill rate of 12 mills is $140 per year. In the year 2021, the current bond would drop off, thus saving the taxpayer $140 per year, totaling $3,920 at the end of the 28 years if the bond proposal is defeated. Now, let us take a look at the impact on a farmer and business property owner.

For a 1,000-acre farm of cultivated ground, the new proposal cost would be about $1,020 per year, thus over $28,000 at the end of the 28-year period. For grassland it calculates to over $9,000 at the end of the 28-year period. These extra taxes are exorbitant enough and may lead to more bankruptcies locally as well as nationally because farmers have had a rough time financially since 2008.

Business owners for a $100,000 property will have taxes levied to the tune of $300 per year, thus $8,400 at the end of the 28-year period. Plus, keep in mind, the consumer will always pay in the end. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

There are multiple empty business properties throughout our community. Is it any wonder that Emporia wants more business to locate here? But, they will think twice and thrice before settling here. Why? In large measure because the tax rate is an incredible burden.

It is my contention that if we had lower taxes, we would be able to attract more businesses to the Emporia area. The businesses realize central plains states laborers are hard workers and they would be glad to start businesses here and bring people here to rent or purchase homes if the taxes were less.

Such tax rates are backbreaking for the homeowner, farmer and business owner alike.

Taxes are too high, everybody wins in the end when we have lower taxes.

Throwing more money at our school does not improve the quality of education for our children. Also, we have fewer children in school now than in the past 10 years.

The charts the school district has put forth mislead the reader.

I feel that this school administration is trying to mislead us as to the real cost of the proposal.

Vote against the bond proposal and increased taxes.

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Oppose the school bond if you want. It's a free country. But get ready to install bars on all your windows and doors to protect yourselves against uneducated masses who want what you own.


It's true. If your children don't have a brand new top notch school they grow up to be liars and thieves.


This is supposed to be humor, right? In case you actually aren't kidding: The "uneducated masses" are doing manual labor and too tired to come through your windows and doors, well, unless they are sponging off the taxpayers. Stop the drug infestation, shutdown the open borders and you won't need bars for your windows and doors. "Educated" does not make one have high morals.


I do support and will Vote FOR the School Bond.


Kansas, as a whole, is known for high taxes. I don't believe I have ever heard anyone say they wanted to move to a place with high taxes. With sales tax, we are #8, with property tax around #33 in the country yet, look around at the state and how economically depressed it is with the exception of the KC mega-metro area which I hear is nice. With school enrollment dropping off, many homes empty, many businesses empty and not a lot of living wage jobs, maybe rethink spending, kind of like most people have to if they really don't have money to finance their dreams at this time.


Never enough money. Districts are like drug addicts. They sue us and now want more money. Make do with what we give them. We on SS how to make do so can they.


Regardless of your stance on the bond this is benighted comment. How can you rationalize complaining about not receiving enough of social program and then complain about helping fund a social program that doesn't necessary benefit you because your old? It is avaricious!


I appreciate your opinion and putting your name with it since it takes courage to do that right or wrong; a lot more than I have. I am indifferent on the bond, I don’t live in Emporia but I do care about the town. A $100k home owner paying $4k over 28 years is nothing, and if they have kids in the school system they are at least getting to reap some benefit by their kids having access to the newly developed facilities if they were to come to fruition. Farmers are going to be in a rough shape no matter what so they are in a lose-lose scenario in the short term. Business owners paying an extra $300 a year should also not matter too much because if they cannot account for that payment in general they probably should just cut the business and move since it isn’t that profitable anyway. Empty businesses are due to the economy crashing in 2008 and Amazon a site where you can buy and sell anything and have it shipped to you in two days. Does everyone win when we have lower taxes? Looking at the states with lowest property taxes (Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, West Virginia) are also ranked with in the bottom ten of K-12 education, and the states with highest property taxes (New Jersey, Conn, NH, Vermont, Mass) rank highest in K-12 education. Saying putting money towards education won’t improve it then isn’t necessarily true. What improves it is how it is allocated, and I wish you could have gave your ways to improve the quality of education. Your statement of having less kids in the school district is true, but irrelevant. For example, we had 4,966 students 2006-2007 (I used pre-Tyson Layoff impact on town to show how little impact it had on school districts numbers) and fell to 4,679 students in 2018- 2019 that is a 5.7% change which is immaterial and if I were to use numbers from just ten years ago it would have been less. Businesses don’t think to nest up in the Midwest because we have “hard workers” they nest up in places where there are skilled workers, and Emporia is actually improving in that matter with the expansion of the Tech College and its partnership with EHS. People want to move to communities where schools are excellent and the community can take pride in and maybe this bond has the chance to enhance that if used correctly. Finally, I don’t know how you can say the chart is misleading while using its figures to make your arguments.


The thing is, those people come to study to take those skills elsewhere. Known pretty much exclusively as a meat packing/dog food producing city with a generous share of population illegally present, you need to be real about the future of the city.


Well, we also get kids, who've been educated in other is a "wash."

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