The Emporia School District is asking voters to approve a bond measure this month to pay for repairs and improvements to the nine Emporia schools.

The bond promises to make our schools safer and more secure, expand crowded learning spaces, create new multi-purpose rooms and make much-needed improvements and renovations to aging buildings.

Yes, it’s going to cost us something: $78 million, which breaks down to $33 a year on top of the current levy on property taxes for a $100,000 home.

But voting no will also cost us something:

Voting No will cost us better monitored and more secure entrances into our schools, something we can’t afford not to do.

Voting No will cost us the kind of quality education that comes with modern, up-to-date and effective spaces for excellent learning to happen as the student population grows. The new science wing at Emporia High School is just one of the new additions.

Voting No will cost our kids with special needs the unique kind of environments they need to thrive and grow.

Voting No will cost us the space needed for vital student support services like occupational and physical therapy and mental health counseling.

Voting No will cost us lots of wasted money in inefficient and energy-draining mechanical systems that need to be repaired or replaced throughout our schools.

And if that’s not enough, consider this:

We all know how frustrating drop-off and pick-up can be at some schools throughout the district. Voting No will cost parents the ease of improved pick-ups and drop-offs throughout the district. The bond promises to address the congestion and confusion that have become synonymous with traffic flows at some of our schools.

The proposed school bond is a well-researched, effectively-prioritized set of needs that are hard to argue. The fact is, Emporia public schools are funded by tax dollars. There’s no other way around it. But there are few investments that bring a higher return than one spent on the education of our young people.

The Emporia community and future depend on the investment we make today. We can’t afford to say no.

Watch for your ballot in the mail, vote YES to the school bond and don’t forget to mail in your ballot by Sept. 5!

Ashley Knecht Walker


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KB Thomas

This is not the time to be floating a bond when America and the world is in a global economic 9/11 debt bomb ahead. the international bankers have a quad trillion in derivatives, which Warren Buffet calls weapons of mass destruction. The greatest depression is unfolding in front of us. We have in this nation a middle class death spiral: consumers have never been in more debt, and bankruptcies are surging-Economic collapse Michael Snyder August 19,2019. Review video Another Financial Crisis could be coming. GGG


KB, with you, there is NEVER a time!

KB Thomas

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul. George Bernard Shaw..........The only difference 5 years from now is the books you read, the videos you listen to and the people you meet.


This total Garbage! Fake News!

KB Thomas

Good article but, all these bonds are far more than what is needed. They always try to get more on the first try. For example, the 20 million dollar court house, but to everyone's surprise it passed on the first go around. Vote no and let them trim out the fat. And I do not favor Rockefeller Education, Review Rockefeller File Chapter 4 The Power of Tax Free Foundations. This is a real eye opener and the fruits of this socialist education is marching forward. The real goal of the elite is to use computers to indoctrinate our children to believe in a new word order and globalism and destroy family values, sovereignty and individualism. Review Charlotte Iserbyt Deliberately Constructed Idiocracy. Also, Charlotte Iserbyt-The Secret History History of Western Education [Full Documentary]. Also, Review Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations. "Schools Teach Children To Serve The State"-G. Edward Griffin-Red Pill- -YouTube. In conclusion, "if people can not write well, and if they can't think well, others will do their thinking for them. George Orwell. And "the further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those that speak it. George Orwell.


KB, I love you man but believe it or not everything is not a conspiracy. Watching some video on YouTube saying an opinion does not make it real; what makes it real is that you can verify it yourself with your own eyes. Also, no one has time to watch all your videos it simply is not possible. Also, let's say all the conspiracies and videos you post are true I would venture to say you would want to live in this country more than any other country, so why do they matter than? Imagine all the conspiracies going on in other countries if the United States is supposedly full of them. Also, if the government had all this power like you think it has why would they not take down these videos similar to China taking down Tiananmen Square videos. Finally, taxes are not bad any business owner would pay more taxes if that meant they did not have to provide health care for their workers. This would allow smaller corporations to compete with larger corporations because it doesn't make people pick jobs solely off benefits like healthcare. Also, KB you are using computers to get your information, so how can you cite something as indoctrinating when that is where you are getting your information from? I think you to watch and listen to opposing videos that explain why some socialist programs may be a good thing, and ones that are real and unedited such as Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, and Tulsi Gabbard's unedited Joe Rogan interviews. Again KB you are a standup guy I love when I run into you back in Emporia and I love watching you dance, but this outcry that the government is out to get us all the time is tiring.


KB might not be the most polished when it comes to sources, but he speaks the truth in general. Conspiracies aside, this bond issue is vastly more expensive than it needs t


The original plan would have spent over $100 million to provide everything the community said the district should do. Much of this money will go to build storm shelters in the 7 schools who don't have one and help secure the school buildings by forcing visitors to go to the office when they arrive in about 5 others. How much money is the saftey and security of the children of this community worth?


KB might not be the most polished when it comes to sources, but he speaks the truth in general. Conspiracies aside, this bond issue is vastly more expensive than it needs to be.


KB, You know nothin'!


Point #1 The old bond is paid off soon and the actual cost is more like $140 and it lasts for 28 years. #2 We were not told we had grants for safety issues as well as on going capitol improvements already in the budget! #3 Does space teach our kids? Nothing said about helping teachers or anything about accountability in improved outcomes such as improved ACT scores or NAEP scores. #4 When did occupational and physical therapy and mental health counseling become part of education funding. What is the maintenance portion of the school budget for if not to be used on efficient and energy-draining mechanical systems that need to be repaired or replaced throughout our schools. The pickup and drop off areas are terrible but why we were they designed that way to start with? Can we expect similar work in this issue? We can do much better with much less money. Vote NO


Point #1 - do you claim your $100K house costs $200K because you had a mortgage?

Point #2 - The grants were published information. The grants HELPED with some security but were not enough money to put in 2 layers of security in all schools.

Point #3 - Local bonds are for infrastructure only. Having kids crowded into spaces that are too small reduces national test scores. Having children using facilities that were designed in the last 60's and built in the early 70's for science reduces test scores.

You don't even mention the fact that 7 of the 9 schools don't have adequate storm shelters.

show me

An astute businessman or businesswoman fully understands the amount of interest that will have to be paid, how it is calculated, and how it adds to the advertised cost. They fully understand that interest money has to be considered as money that will be spent on the item or project, right along with the paying back of the principal. Ignoring the total cost is financially irresponsible.


I would agree and in addition figures show that over the last three years Kansas ranks in the top 5 in outmigration population due to opportumity and taxes. In addition demographics will show that unless there is new business to bring families to the area school numbers will drop at a fairly significant rate


Excellent commentary.

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