If you have not been to downtown Emporia lately to hear the music wafting over the speakers along the 600 and 900 blocks of Commercial Street, then you need to.

For three months now, the music has been playing. This week, The Gazette did a story reporting how businesses owners and residents feel about the still relatively new speakers.

The sound system was a collaboration of Emporia Main Street and the City of Emporia. It was installed by Audio Lite of Emporia.

Research suggests that background music enhances shopping experiences and provides a way to communicate during large downtown community events.

We have found the music to be enjoyable. You don’t expect it at first, but then as you listen and walk along, it definitely gives the downtown a nice energy and enthusiasm.

The news story commented on how many people liked the music and how it added to the downtown experience, but there were also suggestions and ideas of how to make it better.

One suggestion, for example, questioned if the music might be too loud, and perhaps softer, more easy listening music might be preferred during the daytime retail business hours.

We know trying to get everyone to agree on exactly how the music system will be used in downtown Emporia will be impossible, but the ideas,and feedback are good for city leaders and Emporia Main Street to take into account.

What we can all agree on is the great effort of the City of Emporia and Emporia Main Street to make our downtown a great place to shop, hang out and stroll through.

If you have not experienced the new sound system yet, then make plans to come listen to the new sounds of downtown.

Chris Walker

Editor & Publisher

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Sadly, there is an endless range of styles. I can't cut most of today's current stuff. And, the people the can cut it, can't cut what I like. Most of the stuff that, to me, that is called music, is just worse than noise! I suggest adding more speakers....so the volume won't have to be as loud to be heard, thus not as obnoxious. And, even if I did like it and am a store owners, I would not like the music bellering at my door!

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