Dynamics Discs began operations at its new warehouse and office space in the former Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing building at 840 Overlander Rd. on Friday.

The nationwide provider of disc golf equipment and accessories shut down operations at its old warehouse at 3601 W. 6th Ave. on Feb. 4, and worked to move everything into the new space — which was just a half-mile away — over the next week and a half.

“We moved starting the coldest week in what seems like recent Kansas history,” said founder and CEO Jeremy Rusco with a laugh. “It was a pretty big undertaking to get everything moved, but I had a lot of good help, a lot of good people.”

During the time between Feb. 4 and Feb. 15, Dynamic Discs did not ship any products out to its customers but gave adequate warning that the company was moving to a new warehouse location.

“Our customers were, I guess you’d say, very aware that we were moving and so we did inform them that we weren’t going to be shipping anything during the move,” Rusco said. “On Monday the 15th, we definitely had an influx of orders and had a lot of orders to get out the door. I believe we’re working hard to get them out the door.”

The new warehouse will more than quadruple the amount of space Dynamic Disc has from 20,000 square feet to 81,500 square feet. Rusco explained that, after the company’s 100 percent growth in 2020, operations outgrew the floor space of the old building so much that an evening shift had to be added to allow employees to maintain efficiency without “working on top of each other”, a particularly relevant concern throughout the pandemic.

“The new, increased space is already making a big difference for us,” Rusco said. “We’re going to be able to get more product out the door every day. We’re going to be able to hire more staff that will be able to keep up with the growth, not just on the warehouse floor but on the office needs and demands as well. We’ll also be able to bring in more inventory and have that inventory on-site, which is important. [You’ve] got to have the product if you’re going to try to sell it. We ran out of product in a lot of regards during the big spike in the summer months of 2020.”

While the old Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing building was a great fit for Dynamic Discs, there were several changes that needed to be made. While a budget has yet to be finalized, Rusco estimated that this would cost around $1 million in total.

“We’re actually in the process of doing an office expansion, an office buildout on the warehouse floor,” Rusco said. “So that’s actually going to continue for the next several months. … Our current staff is officed in where the Detroit Remanufacturing offices were. Anyway, once we get the warehouse office expansion done, we will then shift our office staff to the new offices and then we’ll renovate the old offices.”

The old offices — newly renovated — will become the office space for Dynamic Discs’ media department and studios as well as a break room and welcome area, which Rusco described as, “a pretty big transformation of that space”.

Although it has been just a week since Dynamic Discs settled in its new space, Rusco said he can already tell that the move has been a positive change for his business.

“You can definitely tell that employee morale is up,” Rusco said. “Being able to operate in a more efficient space that was very much needed is definitely helping out. Having loading docks is a huge benefit for us that we’ve needed for quite some time. It’s going to be a game-changer for us and we’re looking forward to being able to grow even more as disc golf continues to grow.”

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