CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated that a “yes” vote would support removing the right to abortions in Kansas. The error has been corrected below.

As Kansas nears the Primary Election on August 2, the debate on abortion rights continues to heat up.

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Churches need more constraints placed on them. They've become too brazen in trying to legislate and force their fairy tale on the rest of the country. If they want to endorse a political position to their congregation, then fine; however, anything else should pulverize their tax exempt status.


Wow,, If it was not for the bars and Churches ,, we would not have a country today. There was much more than salvation preached to the congregation in 1776,,,, and we all know the knowledge we espouse after a few ounces of courage have consumed !


I think the USA would be better if the shackels of the 501 status was removed....its a way to muzzel the pulpit.......Aim High that was a strong rebuff of the homosexual lobby,,,,and its pride month to boot.....


Well to be fair, these are Catholics... so a "yes" vote makes sense. The more children born, the more opportunities for "catholic priest activities"... 4% of Catholic priests involved in sex abuse might sound low but that is actually a huge number, especially when compared to other denominations.


Wow. you are incredibly stupid. Like probably font ever make a public comment ever again...that stupid. Literally


That % is less than 2%. If you did your homework over 2% were Unfounded accusations but they still use that is your 4% of being guilty when they weren’t.

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