County 11/4/21

The Lyon County Commission approved the purchase of some expensive new signposts during its Thursday morning meeting.

County engineer Chip Woods said it was necessary to make the purchase to replace damaged signposts, even though the low bid from the National Sign Company was $7,096.50.

“This is twice the amount we paid in Aug. 2020,” he said. “But we’ve got to keep replacing posts. We don’t really have a choice.”

The commission acknowledged that the high price was a result of the inflation of material costs across the country and approved the purchase. The payment will come from the Special Road and Bridge Fund.

The commission also gave Woods directions to look into painting the edges of the steps at the northeast entrance of the Lyon County Courthouse so as to make them easier to see for people who have difficulty with vision.

In other business, the commission approved the annual renewal of the county’s mapping maintenance contract with Esri for geographic information system (GIS) mapping.

County appraiser Ryan Janzen said that the county has several licenses for the program, which is used by the road and bridge department, the county clerk’s office, the zoning department and the county appraiser’s office.

“This is what we utilize for our GIS and our aerial imagery that we have as well as all the different layers and stuff that we’ll use for mapping,” he said.

The total amount of the renewal was $8,338.08. That was up from the $8,200 price paid last year due to the purchase of an additional license.

The commission also approved the certification of local funding sources for Lyon County Area Transportation operating and administrative assistance and committed to matching local funds up to $229,090.

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The Kansas Turnpike maint. at Topeka makes their own signs for the turnpike, maybe Lyon county could contract with them to make the signs, for less money? Just a thought.

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