So-called Fake News is my topic today after it was suggested (in a comment) on The Gazette’s online site that KVOE is guilty of broadcasting Fake News by virtue of our association with ABC News.

My response is, that’s not accurate.

While Fake News is rampant and certainly a problem on many news sources, ABC’s radio news is not guilty. ABC reports the facts very straight. I do understand when they report President Trump in an exaggeration or untruth his supporters would like to call these Fake News.

We may need to agree to disagree about ABC, but if you listen to MSNBC, FOX News and often even CNN radio, you’ll find numerous reports that qualify as overly-opinionated.

It is often difficult to know what to believe.

At KVOE, we try to be accurate and keep opinions during our news reports unbiased. Chuck Samples and Tegan Trahoon are proficient at keeping news, news and not their opinions.

My efforts on the air not so much as my opinions are often presented and debated with equal time always available to responsible parties.

Our goal at KVOE is to be accurate first and influential second.

Hopefully we expose Fake News rather than broadcasting it! KVOE does carry shows like Jim Bohannon at night, followed by Kate Delaney, Doug Stephan and John Trout that deal with all kinds of topics. I love listening to these shows and appreciate how fair they are at allowing guests and callers have their say.

Fake News on social media sites like Facebook is a really big challenge. The amount of misinformation being streamed online that can appear to be legitimate is alarming. I recently found a site online offering to help me discern, recognize and resist disinformation, propaganda and hate messages. I might have to sign up!

Unfortunately, Edgar Allen Poe’s advice to ”believe nothing you hear, and only half of that you see,” is pretty much useless today.

Fake News in social media should have us all concerned. An example I heard recently said if Facebook or Google was to send a simple reminder to vote on Election Day to one party’s members, but not the other’s, it would increase the numbers voting in a significant way. That’s scary and doesn’t even address the efforts from outside like Russia.

At KVOE, we will keep doing our best to report all the news as news and hold accountable any attempts to mislead our listeners.

I’m Steve Sauder and “There’s Something to Think About.”

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I agree that ABC seems to be the least biased of the news orgs, but they are still prone to reporting fake news. Just yesterday one of their national correspondents reminded listeners that over 3000 people in Puerto Rico died during Hurricane Maria. That of course is false, but she made it a point to remind people of something that did not happen.

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I may not agree with your views but, I will never silence your freedom of speech, which makes our republic the finest on earth.

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sarelon has a pretty good chart outlining multiple news sources. Top center (neutral or balanced bias and most factual) includes organizations like AP and Reuters. ABC, NBC, CBS, AFP, PBS, NPR, BBC, USA Today, and a few others are very close to the big 2. Steve has suggested that MSNBC, CNN, and Fox are all somehow grouped together. I would suggest looking at where they fall in the chart. Fox News (along with Breitbart, The Blaze, Newsmax, etc.) are clear on the bottom categorized as "Nonsense damaging to to public discourse" while MSNBC is still considered "fair interpretations of the news". The chart I referenced is just one of many organizations looking at what calls itself "news" now and most show similar results. There have even been studies published showing that people who get the majority of their news from Fox News actually know less about many subjects than people who tend to consume no news at all.

I find it very concerning that those screaming about "fake news" are typically those consuming the nonsense. Have we as a country actually lost the ability to determine what is real and what is propaganda?


I didn't see the comment Steve's referring to, but it's possible the commenter took issue with KVOE's association with ABC because s/he perceived some bias in the network's news reporting.

Media Bias Fact Check indicates, "Overall, we rate ABC News Left-Center biased based on story selection and word choices that moderately favor the left and High for factual reporting due to proper sourcing and a clean fact check record."

Readers may be surprised to learn that the other news outlets Steve's mentioned -- MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN -- are not regulated by the FCC because they're cable networks. As a result, they can be as biased, slanted and offer as much "fake news" as they want.

ABC, which is a broadcast network, is regulated by the FCC . And while that agency is limited by the First Amendment as to the limits it can impose, there are regulatory provisions in place that help ensure balanced reporting.

It appears to me that KVOE embraces ABC's accurate reporting of the facts and works hard to balance its story selection bias with alternate programming. In this day and age, where the world appears to have largely gone mad and irresponsible journalists and the media companies that employ them bear some responsibility for that, KVOE is the gold standard!


There is NO bias in ABC's News. There IS Bias in FOX news.


Well said, and I agree!

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