Kevin Case


Former Superintendent Kevin Case will continue to pull his full salary through the end of his contract and a lump sum payment of $10,000, according to the terms of his separation agreement with the USD 253 Emporia Public Schools District.

The Emporia Gazette received a redacted version of the separation agreement Tuesday evening.

Under the agreement, Case voluntarily resigned his employment, effectively immediately. The district agreed to pay Case all compensation and benefits through June 30, 2021 — the end of his current contract — on the district’s regular pay schedule.

Case’s contracted salary, including fringe benefits, for the 2019-2020 school year was $171,380.

Case will receive half of his accrued vacation and sick leave earned as of June 30, 2021 on or before Dec. 31, and will receive the remaining half by Feb. 2, 2021.

On or before June 30, 2021, the district will pay Case the full amount it has contributed to his retirement account and, “on the first pay date after June 30, 2021, the District shall pay Case a lump sum of $10,000, in lieu of the contractual compensation and benefits due to him for 2021-2022.”

Case’s health, dental and all other insurance plans will remain under the district’s plan through June 30, 2021, including continued coverage for his family members.

Case will be allowed to seek and accept other employment, including with another school district.

The agreement also includes a confidentiality clause for both the district and Case, prohibiting both parties from disclosing details regarding the terms of the separation of employment — except what may be required by the Kansas Open Record Act or as allowed by state law.

After consulting with legal counsel, The Emporia Gazette believes we are entitled to the full, unredacted separation agreement. We have requested it as such from the district and will continue to update this story as more information is available.

UPDATE, 5:05 p.m. Wednesday — USD 253 Community Relations Director Lyndel Landgren confirmed receipt of our request. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Landgren advised it will be next week before an official response is received. 

The redacted separation agreement is available for viewing at

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Hollowed Ground

What is missing is WHY this guy was suddenly let go. Did he invade the girls' locker room? The shower room? Did he call a black student the N-Word? Did he insult someone's ethnicity? We deserve to know the why's hiding behind the NDA.


Hollow, the entire point of an NDA is that the "whys" cannot be disclosed. Furthermore, this is a personnel issue, not a matter of public record. Kansas' sunshine laws specifically exclude personnel actions from public record. We'll likely never know the specifics. We have no legal rights to know. We have no recourse for learning those underlying reasons. We are represented by the school board members and we have to trust their judgements in this matter.

I suggest anyone who has problems trusting the judgements of the board members should 1) recruit, campaign, and vote for different board members in the future, and 2) themselves run for the board (I assume very few of us have trouble trusting our own judgements).


The district continues to pay individuals (admin and coaches) for jobs in which their performance required immediate dismissal from their contracts. They are paying a football coach a coaching salary (in addition to a teaching salary) when he was not safe to be around. Now we are paying money to a superintendent who is not capable of doing his job. What a deal to be guaranteed a big paycheck for a job from which you were fired. Not to mention that the district will also be paying an interim superintendent to do the work, which means we will be paying double to get the superintendent's job done until June.


Superintendents ARE and ALWAYS have been the biggest Crooks .


Compared to what our teachers in the trenches are paid, his salary of $171,000 is just obscene. What justifies an out of whack wage like that, school board. (perhaps it is just the rich get richer, & the poor get poorer?)


Not to mention the over abundance of vice principals, directors of this and that and counselors. All of whom probably get paid more than the teachers, probably do less than the teachers and probably think they are more important than the teachers. Which all amounts to too many chairs and not enough indians. Personally I would like more higher paid teachers and quite a few less over paid cheifs.


That is mostly what it is. For decades, U.S. society has been funneling wage increases to executives and the wages of workers has been more-or-less flat. What justifies these wages is the free market. These are the wages people in these positions (superintendent or lunch lady) command. If you try to get a principal or a superintendent at, say, 150% the wage of the average teacher, you generally cannot find a job-candidate who meets the minimum qualifications. You certainly won't find a candidate with relevant experience. You will be the training ground for persons who will get 18 or 24 months experience directing budgets, personnel, and physical plants and then move up to higher-paying communities.

U.S. citizens are generally not willing to tolerate wage controls. Absent that, I am at a loss how to make the salaries of executives more "in whack" with those of workers.

Hollowed Ground

You might try socialism. Businesses love it, and so do superintendents.


No one is advocating socialism. Certainly not socialism as I imagine you understand it.

Hollowed Ground

That, plus these experts bring expertise. Like how to assault a student without getting caught.


Again, Hollow, you're painting with much too broad a brush. You would do well to learn to qualify your statements.

Regardless, the salaries these executives are paid is market-determined. Changing the salaries requires changing the market rules.


Careful, your jealousy is showing...

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