COVID 9/29/21

Vaccine providers in Lyon County have started doling out booster doses of the Pfizer vaccine to eligible individuals.

The additional Pfizer jab is the only one currently approved for delivery in Lyon County and only certain people are eligible to receive it.

First and foremost, only those who have received both Pfizer vaccine doses can receive the Pfizer booster and they must have completed the series of doses at least six months ago. Within that population, the booster is available for people 65 and older and for people 18 and older who have underlying medical conditions, work in high-risk settings or live in high-risk settings.

Lyon County Public Health emergency preparedness director Jennifer Millbern said that anyone who meets the eligibility criteria for the Pfizer booster can call a local vaccine provider to schedule an appointment.

“We have plenty of Pfizer vaccine available for the community and at this point in time, we’re having no problem ordering Pfizer vaccine and getting it to come in timely,” she said.

Millbern strongly recommended that individuals 65 and older, individuals living in long-term care facilities and individuals aged 50-64 with underlying medical conditions receive the booster. She added that other eligible people should talk with their medical providers and weigh whether the booster is appropriate for them.

Each vaccine provider might require that people bring different documentation with them when they receive the booster, so Millbern said it would be good to call ahead of time. At the very least, she encouraged people to ensure that they have their vaccination cards.

Individuals do not need to return to the same provider from which they received the Pfizer vaccine previously, but if they were vaccinated with the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine, they cannot receive the Pfizer booster.

Meanwhile, the county continues to maintain somewhat stable COVID-19 case numbers as Lyon County Public Health reported 94 new cases and 100 new recoveries Wednesday to set the current active case count at 121. Lyon County has been within 108-155 active cases every day since Aug. 10.

Millbern said it was a good sign that the county hasn’t been seeing the spikes it did last November, but added that if the numbers were going to remain stable, it would be preferable for Lyon County Public Health to be documenting fewer new positives on a daily basis.

“Our case numbers, our incident rate, our test positivity is still much higher than what we would like it to be for our community,” she said.

Out of 121 active cases, Lyon County Public Health reports that 18 are breakthrough cases. In total, the county has seen 169 breakthrough cases, 86 of which were individuals vaccinated with Moderna, 48 with Johnson & Johnson and 35 with Pfizer.

There have been 5,236 total cases of COVID-19 in Lyon County, with 5,025 recoveries and 90 deaths (plus one death pending certification by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment).

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The booster syndrome will never end. There will be mandated annual boosters starting in 2022. Why? Money.


You are absolutely right, it’s all about the money!! So, I’ll pay for my annual booster shot and you pay the entire cost of your hospital stay if life hands you the COVID card.

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