There is no longer any denying that Trump is guilty, not only of impeachable offenses, but actual crimes.

He has admitted it in the summary of his phone call with Ukraine’s president on July 25, multiple times in his tweets, his rants on Fox and Friends and in his effort to stifle any reports or testimony being presented to the House committees looking into these things. No one who is innocent would ever behave this way.

He has embroiled other high officials (Pompeo, Perry, Barr, Mulvaney and Sondland) in his crimes and cover-ups, exposing them to similar scrutiny for their willingness to abet his behavior. Sondland has helped expose this, but the courageous and nonpartisan patriots in the intelligence and diplomatic communities (Yovanovich, Taylor, Hill, Vindman and others) have provided most of the coffin nails.

The most significant thing to come from these revelations is that the conspiracy theory — pushed by Trump and his sycophants — blaming Ukraine for election meddling in 2016 is hogwash that has been promoted by Putin and the Russians in the attempt to muddy the waters and divert blame, as Hill so eloquently stated.

Trump and the Republicans are STILL pushing this debunked theory, thus hurting Ukraine, our own national security, GOP credibility and helping no one but Putin. The Russians use the term “useful idiot” to refer to a foreign national who acts in ways that help the Russian cause. America has always provided occasional useful idiots but, until now, none of them occupied the Oval Office. Trump is Putin’s Useful Idiot (PUI).

This assumes, of course, that he is doing this unwittingly. The much darker scenario is that PUI is actually aiding and abetting Putin, perhaps because Putin is using blackmail or because PUI is engaging in treason.

Douglas McGaw,


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Imagine thinking this statement -- "snowflakes will be crying again because you criminal democraps will be losers again" -- is the best/most mature/ most factual way to get your point across.

KB Thomas

I think it is time to review The Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama video.


How is this even relevant to Mr. McGaw's letter? When you are unable to refute arguments, use the Kellyanne Conway strategy of distract and deflect. President Obama's term ended 3 years ago. Citing discredited sources to describe what Obama did does not prove Donald Trump's innocence.


Apologies for the misspellings and grammar in the previous posts. Was doing some cut/paste from articles and things got overwritten in this tiny input window. (Or I could just say I tried to keep it at a 3rd-grade level so liberals could understand lol).


Generally I quite arguing here with the woefully uniformed long ago, but occasionally its just too funny. Let's take a short little history lesson, shall we?

This is from September, 2009 in the UK Telegraph, so it's not some local partisan publication:

Headline: Barack Obama abandons European missile shield to delight of Russians

President Barack Obama has abandoned plans for a missile defence system based in Eastern Europe in a move which angered allies but delighted Russia, which vehemently opposed the move. "

Now the Bush admin had been working on this, but Mr Whisper When he thinks the mike is off "tell Vlad I'll have more freedom after the election" undid it all nearly overnight.

(Of course, some countries in Europe fully supported the move, because THEY didn't want to anger Russia either.) Clips from some other articles:

"...the Czech Republic and Poland expressed disappointment at the White House's decision to reverse track after six years of difficult negotiations. Senior sources in Warsaw and Prague said..."several senior eastern European officials and public figures wrote a public letter to Obama complaining that their security interests were being ignored by the west to improve relations with Moscow.".

And of course Obama then looked the other way while Russia invaded and annexed Crimea. He repeatedly refused to give military aid to Ukraine, fearing it would anger Russia.

So now we have a President who has put into place stiffer sanctions against Russia than his predecessor, and aided Ukraine. Remind me again who Vladimir's puppet it?

KB Thomas

News Flash: Hunter Biden received several payments totaling 16.5 Million dollars Outside his regular pay Zero Hedge


You might want to re-read that article. Nowhere does it say what you claim. The updated article from ZeroHedge says that 16 million was dispersed between 2 companies and 4 individuals, it says it is NOT REVEALED how much Hunter Biden received. I would go on, but ZeroHedge is such a garbage source I only felt like picking out the parts that directly contradict your statement of "News Flash: Hunter Biden received several payments totaling 16.5 Million dollars Outside his regular pay" because it's a total lie.


Newsflash Ivanka and Jared Kushner made 82 Million dollars first year in office. Don't see you complaining about that KB.


Even if this were true, it is irrelevant and does not justify Donald Trump's act of extortion.


I want proof snowflake not rumors.


I like how Russia placed a bot on the Emporia Gazette comment section. Also, I like how this drone needs to put their hand in water just to make sure it is wet.

KB Thomas

Listen to Democrats Desperate to cover up their crimes Kevin Shipp YouTube


Listen to Republicans desperate to cover up and downplay their crimes. Trump could have had the DOJ or CIA investigate Biden. You gotta be stupid to "ask" a foreign president to investigate your opponents children, and then withhold aid to that country as leverage, even if you know you're right.


Ah, the delusions of the Democratic Party, I can most certainly deny it. If only the Democratic Party would have had a viable candidate for 2020, all of this could have been avoided. I see now that the case is looking weaker that they are trying to get behind McFeelThemUp Biden, which is better for females than beside him! I mean, on camera? Yeah, he is a winner! I do appreciate that these mock accusations of "high crimes" against Trump have greatly accelerated campaign contributions. "One step forward, and two steps back" for the Dems!


Thank you for your thoughts. I am afraid your "darker scenario" is actually the correct scenario. The fact that people don't have a problem with the president/David Nunez/giuliani suspect to bribes that can sell out our country is terrifying. Furthermore, the fact we have a speculation that the president can shoot someone on 5th avenue and get away with it is crazy. I hate to make this a Dem/GOP matter but most GOP have sold their souls to Putin to where we have states like Kentucky Louisiana, and possibly Georgia voting against them. Thankfully Kansas did not fall for Kobach. 2020 I think is a turning point year in our history such as 2001,1991, and 1945.

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