In Johnson County last June, the Kansas Board of Tax Appeal ruled Johnson County had overvalued Walmart and Sam’s Club properties by $60 million.

The Johnson County Appraiser set the value of the tax on the land, building, and gross sales and estimates net profit.

A progressive group called Johnson County Move On who protest their policies on local, state and national levels are spearheading this tax revolt. I wonder if George Soros is behind this group. This group claims that there will be a tax armageddon if the state doesn’t bend to their way of assessing big-box commercial stores.

“In 1980 the Kansas Supreme Court wrote that, ‘The occupation in which such property has been used by the seller is immaterial in determining the fair market value of such property.’

How could this happen? Three different ways: The legislature could pass a law; members of the board of tax appeal could change their rulings. Gov. Laura Kelly has it within her power to reshape the three-member board of tax appeals with two appointments now and another next year.

This could end up at the Kansas Supreme Court, and the governor has the right to select justices when there is a vacancy.

This tax fight is a reminder of the governor’s power and yes, elections have consequences.

“When anything is going to happen in the country, it happens first in Kansas”

- William Allen White

KB Thomas Jr


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KB Thomas

The hidden message in this article is 2020 is the moment of truth. If the evil socialist global elite and the controlled media Deep state that has infiltrated every part of our government including the state department, the FBI and almost all the intelligence agencies and part of the military and even the White House) is attempting a coup against our President. If the Dems are successful down goes the Constitution and freedom in America and the political left will take full control in the nation. If all fails the socialist global well try to crash the market. Hold on to your seats and fasten your seat belts. America is at where Germany was in 1932..The Socialist left want to tax us out of our properties and merge America into a globalist socialist state.


Maybe Kansas needs a Gov , that will bring in industry instead of making the main employment in Ks. being a servant to bicyclers an flint hill watchers. yesterdays K.s factory workers are todays servants an waitresses for Dirty Kansa goers. "can I get you another wheat oat beir "


"MoveOn started in 1998 as an e-mail group,, created by software entrepreneurs Joan Blades and Wes Boyd, the married cofounders of Berkeley Systems.[8][9] They started by passing around a petition asking Congress to "Censure President Clinton and Move On to Pressing Issues Facing the Nation", as opposed to impeaching him.[8] The petition, passed around by word of mouth, gathered half a million signatures but did not dissuade the House of Representatives from impeaching the President.[9] The couple went on to start similar campaigns calling for arms inspections rather than an invasion of Iraq, and campaign finance reform. "

It took literally under 1 minute to find out who started MoveOn, but I'll admit "I wONdeR If gEoRGe SOrOs iS BeHinD tHIs gRoUP" does lend a tiny bit of spice to an otherwise bland article.


Aye. After I made my comment, I looked to see who wrote the editorial and then wished I hadn't said anything. Your comment, however, rocks.


Is it just governor Kelly you are complaining about? Brownback had just as much power. Where were you then?

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