Emporia State University spokeswoman Gwen Larson said the university will not be naming what departments were impacted by the terminations that swept ESU campus last week, citing privacy concerns for affected faculty.

“We are not releasing what departments had people laid off,” Larson said. “That may come out in the future as we talk about changes coming forward, but I’m not sure.”

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WHEN A BOAT HAS A HOLE IN THE SIDE AND WATER IS FLOODING IN ,,,,THE FIRST THING YOU DO IS STOP THE BOAT FROM SINKING. Why is this different ?Tell me why,or have you been in that cocoon of higher education to long ?

jean b

I finished sending this message to the Kansas Board of Regents. (this is their email addr: regents@ksbor.org.) One of the jobs of KBOR is to hire and fire university presidents.

You made a colossal mistake in hiring Ken Hush. In fact I think there was something unethical about

the entire hiring process--everything, including the names of the other applicants was very secretive

and very hurried. It is unheard of to have a university president with a mere Bachelor's degree, and not

even in education. At a teachers' college? It looks very weird.

You made an even larger colossal mistake in accepting Hush's "workforce management" framework which

has resulted in willy-nilly firings of professors. How does it happen that a president of 3 months decides

to dismantle a university? What kind of arrogance must he have to do such a nonsensical thing? And you,

the KBOR, how can you allow that to happen? Do you see what I mean?--this whole thing smells very fishy!

You must admit your mistake. You must fire Mr. Hush for gross incompetence. You must rescind all the

actions Mr. Hush has taken with regard to his "workforce management" framework. You must hire an

academically qualified president.

Thank you for your attention. I look forward to you firing Ken Hush, rescinding his folly and finding a

qualified president for Emporia State University.


Hush has made a living buying up competitors and chopping them apart to "create more value in the pipeline", aka profit in the owners pocket. He's a hatchet man who's made a living this way and ESU quietly hired him to do the same here...

It's a shame they let a loser like him in a place as important as education. But here we are, so I'll gladly send a copy of your email to keep the pressure on them to FIRE KEN HUSH!!!

Mark W.

Email sent to KBOR this morning concerning the fiasco at ESU!


Here I am, again. This whole business is shameful as well as unethical. No wonder the ESU president needs a chain across the door to his office -- and an escort to his car? Will they be guarding his house next? No one wants to do bodily harm to him -- but they would like to have a conversation with him: why was there no transparency in his appointment and the sordid events which followed? Answer that -- Mr. President and we might stop protesting. Restore all of your cuts and sit down with students and faculty and you may find cooperation and backing. Or would that reveal too much?

Why not just leave and let an academically qualified successor try to restore the university to its former status as a viable and student-oriented institution?



Mark W.

Thanks Emporia Gazette for asking the major question I posed in an earlier comment about the drastic faculty cuts at ESU! If you state your reform emphasizes certain majors and then you cut senior faculty in those areas? Another issue is that ZERO administration positions were eliminated? Usually administratio positions pay more than faculty positions and if you cut 12% of your entire faculty, then a logical question is WHY there was not a corresponding 12% reduction in administrative positions since logically there are less faculty to administrate? As a 34-year veteran of college academia, I always examine the faculty/administration ratio when examining a college as I have sat on many external review committees in my college career. A top-heavy administration is always a red flag!!! Come on ESU “administration” you should have to justify your existence to your real bosses, the taxpayers of the State of Kansas!!!


ESU President Hush named "education" among the successful "strike zone" programs. State teacher licensure standards require thorough training in the teaching content area for all middle-school and high-school teachers. The most sweeping faculty cuts at ESU have been in departments that provide this content-area training for secondary education students. How can future high-school teachers be effective, and how can ESU say that it's supporting its education programs, when the faculty who teach the content areas are being dismissed in such substantial numbers?

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