A rainy October week in Emporia might have you wondering if the area is at risk of natural disasters The official government answer is... not really.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency issued a county-by-county “National Risk Index” map during the summer. It details the chances of each location receiving a wide range of disasters.

Lyon County rated “relatively low” on the FEMA scale. The county’s score of 10.59 was above the Kansas average of 9.58, but below the national average of 10.7.

The greatest risks in the Emporia area are from winter weather and associated ice storms. Both scored above 24 on the FEMA scale, which is “relatively moderate.” The tornado threat was a bit lower, at 20.88.

FEMA estimates Lyon County can expect to lose $3,628,159 each year from natural disasters. While tornadoes rarely happen, with an average 0.6 per year, they can cause the most damage with a loss of $1.2 million.

The Salina, Topeka and Wichita areas rated higher in terms of risk from FEMA. Coffey and Greenwood Counties rated lower.

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