We have a chief executive whom the Mueller Report clearly shows to be a liar to the American people and an obstructer of justice. Although that report left open the question of conspiracy, that too is a clear likelihood. Additionally, 45 has committed innumerable instances of financial fraud, racism, religious intolerance, illegal arrogation of powers to himself and other offenses against proper and ethical conduct, offenses that — if any were committed by Obama — would have the GOP demanding impeachment.

And yet, we have in the Republican party a conspiracy of cowards who choose to place party above country and to support, excuse and abet the president’s criminality, a criminality that he reveals even more as each day passes. These people are cowards because — while they are fully aware of 45’s disregard for the law and precedent — they fear the backlash that they expect to receive if they actually show some spine and speak truth to power. They are cowards because they fear losing an election more than they fear losing our country and its principles.

And now that their “dear leader” has treasonously declared that he would accept aid from foreign powers in his re-election bid, the only responses we see from the GOP are a few whimpers that “he shouldn’t say such things,” and deafening silence from all remaining Republicans in Congress.

Courage is doing the right thing even if you are condemned for it — like Justin Amash. People like Lindsay Graham, who once excoriated 45, now slavishly licks his boots. And McConnell’s and McCarthy’s toadying is both unethical and dangerous. Virtually all the Republicans in Congress have lost their moral compass, or perhaps never had one. Those who cannot stand up to tyranny by 45 desperately need to be voted out of office. This absolutely applies to the two Kansas senators.

Douglas McGaw


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I have to admit my disappointment regarding the comments I have read. Emporia is a college town steeped in the progression of the education narrative. ESU studenrs are challenged to understand differing world views, to accept those they favor, but respect those they don't. I do not know the educational standing of the commenters, but I would hazard a guess that their education was different from todays graduates. Dems are struggling. The GOP is struggling. Rather than looking at their philosophical differences, they need to pull together to address the nations concerns. This will not occur if americans, like these commentors, refuse to give ground and acknowledge their equals. Nuff said. Bill Purdy


wpurdy, I appreciate your comments and understand how you feel. The times have changed. Coming together is no longer possible with republicans blocking, filibustering every bill, denying cooperation, refusing to vote on bills no matter what the principle involved. Republicans support sexual predators, racists, white supremacy, abusing immigrant children, lying, corruption at all levels, vote stealing, disenfranchising voters, gerrymandering, and an unholy bond with Putin. They have systematically degraded democracy for years and the current atmosphere is due to them. Republicans have no moral compass. They are traitors to our country. So what’s a good way to deal with that?


I don't think the Republicans support McFeelThemUp Biden who appears to "get off" by what I am guessing is a fetish behavior, but boy, the Dems support him big time! And, of course, Bill Clinton's sexual escapades. You may have forgotten the prison bill that the Clintons pushed through, and just who that ended up hurting in the end. Clintons who were "in bed" with the private prison industry. The only abuse taking place of "immigrant" children and I suspect you mean children being brought in the country with their law breaking parents or someone who just grabs a kid and bring them along to help them get into the country, are the parents or those abducting the kids. Lying? Oh, come on! Hillary Clinton is the master of lies, and I don't think there is anyone else in her league! And, "Oh, boo-hoo", we all know that the Dems having abandoned black people and are looking for a new group of gullible voters thus their keen interest in illegal aliens! Traitor to our country? You know that makes me think of Obama and the Iran deal. Lack of moral compass? Geesh, are you aware of Bill and Hillary Clinton? I'm thinking you might want to study up on them! Also, take a look at President Kennedy's escapades. Good way to deal with that: Enforce the laws of our country and put Americans first would be a great start!


Snow, try to keep up please. It’s 2019. Clintons are not in office. Time to move on.

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That student was messing with you. Oops.

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Is that an A Jones conspiracy theory? Yeegads.

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Stop spamming us please. Reported

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Senior citizens trying to cover their decades of destruction of the earth and its economy is understandable, since they are the ones responsible, but at least try not to insult the people who are going to have to clean up after you. I mean read your comments carefully.... you are a climate change denier, but you want me to review the rockefeller dynastys ROLE IN CLIMATE CHANGE? WHAT CLIMATE CHANGE?!?! LOL.


Thanks to Douglas McGaw for clear, cogent identification of just a few of the illegal and immoral actions of our president.


You need to look back in history. All politicians are alike. Lie ,cheat, take bribes, run around with ladies. Then sit back pound their chests and tell you how they are looking out for you. This is down from the white house to seats in Congress. The voters can't wait to put them back in DC. The Trumper, Obam on down the line are like this. If they say they I am honest and the voters believe them then the voters are the fools and the ones to blame!


More dreams of a Dem gone wild! The reason they don't attempt impeachment is they know they have nothing, and it will make them look even more like the fools they are calling "wolf" on this anyway. They have been trying to impeach Trump even before he was elected, silly Democrats! Also, I didn't see the Dems whining over Governor Kelly getting almost a million dollars donated from outside interests and outside of the state. I don't care much for other states/special interests deciding who should govern Kansas. The Dems have suffered so much embarrassment over the last few years that I don't think they could afford the embarrassment that a failed attempt to oust President Trump would bring them. I think if they had a decent candidate to run against Trump, their endless chatter might end. Criminal? Yeah, just no to that. Check out KB Thomas' suggestions to understand "criminal".

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