Rebecca Kirton held a grand opening for her new space at the Salon Suites at the Preston, Monday.

Life with Beauty by Reb is a full-service salon offering colors, cuts and styling.

Kirton also offers spa services such as brow shaping, makeup, facials and face hair removal.

Other services include specialty services, hair extensions and more.

Kirton most recently worked at the JCPenney Salon for 10 years as a stylist and manager before branching off into owning her own salon.

Follow @life_with_beauty_by_reb on Instagram or find Life with Beauty by Reb on Facebook to learn more.

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I worked with Rebecca at JCPenney's. When the salon reopened in June she did a training course to ensure her clients were safe from contracting covid. You apparently do not know her, she is a cautious person when it comes to covid and everything else. She takes all the right precautions and makes sure she is up to date on everything. With JCPenney's closing she was going to be out of a job so what else was she suppose to do? She opened a new salon which she only allows one person in at a time. When she did her grand opening she did it outside and made sure everyone that stopped by was wearing a mask and were 6 feet apart. She is the sweetest person I know and makes sure everyone around her is safe. So please before commenting on a news article... Maybe you should know the full story before saying something. I am truly proud of her and she deserves nothing but greatness.

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You spoke your mind. Never do it again🦋✨💞💅🏿🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️💖

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This kind of scolding is not helpful, Hollow. I seriously doubt any entrepreneur who has launched a new business in the last eight months has thought "This is an optimal time to try a new venture," but instead these launches had been scheduled and planned for nearly a year already. I do not know Kirton, but I have great empathy for her and entrepreneurs like her. I can imagine a scenario in which an entrepeneur had signed leases, paid for equipment and product, etc. prior to the pandemic, Hollow. Those costs are sunk, and the entrepreneur's choices become non-optimal: Either try to wait out the pandemic and pay rent and loans on an empty salon, or go ahead and open as planned and try to make enough to stay above water until the pandemic resolves. I recommend we all practice empathy for these persons. I also recommend social distancing, masking, hand-washing, sanitizing surfaces, staying home if you think you've been exposed to COVID-19, and getting tested if you show symptoms. But have empathy for those whose business plans are being disrupted. We all live in this community together, and our President has shown we cannot rely on Federal leadership and our Legislators have shown we cannot rely on State leadership. We must be tolerant of and help one another in our community, because we are all we have. When we turn on each other like this, Hollow, we lose our community.

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