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USD 253 Emporia Public Schools sent out a message to its parents Thursday evening regarding reports of a nationwide trend on the social media platform TikTok encouraging “violence and threats of violence in schools” to take place on Friday.

The message states that there have been no specific threats in Lyon County or toward Emporia Public Schools, but that parents should be aware of the trend and should communicate with their children about it if age-appropriate.

The message in full reads as follows:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Over the past couple of days, local and national media have reported on rumors of a new TikTok challenge that encourages violence and threats of violence in schools on Friday, December 17, 2021. This is a national trend, and we have not heard anything specific to Emporia Public Schools or Lyon County.

It is always our intention to be transparent by sharing information with our school community. If you feel it is age-appropriate, please talk to your students about the pressures of social media and the potential consequences of engaging in this type of behavior. While we know these challenges are out there, we also know that the vast majority of our students do the right thing every day. Please tell your student not to repost any threatening posts or messages. Instead, please remind them if they “see something” to “say something” to a trusted adult. Our schools are incredibly safe, and with everyone’s help, we will keep them that way.

We will treat all threats seriously, and we will follow district and student handbook policies which could result in disciplinary action as well as the intervention of law enforcement.

Thank you for your support and cooperation. Together we can work to keep our kids and school safe.

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What a crazy world we live in that school districts have to send stuff out like this because of a tiktok challenge. It's incredible how kids can be so easily influenced by morons online (ie devious licks/bathroom vandalism). Too bad no one makes tiktoks challenges about cleaning up schools, helping hold doors for people, doing community service, respecting adults, etc...but why would anyone do that and help make society better.

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