The new SOS Child Advocacy Center logo was designed by artist April Armstrong.

Special to The Gazette

It is a new year, and the SOS Child Advocacy Center staff are excited to unveil their new program logo.

The CAC is a program within the umbrella of SOS, Inc. and an accredited member of the National Children’s Alliance. The CAC has been in business, serving children and the community, for 18 years. All referrals to the CAC are made by community officials when there are cases of alleged child abuse.

The CAC is here to serve children of alleged abuse as well as their non-offending caregivers, family, and support systems. The CAC strives to provide a child-sensitive and trauma-informed environment to help a child feel safe telling their story and provide advocacy services for that child until the case is resolved.

CAC staff eagerly collaborated with a local artist April Armstrong, mostly commonly known from Maud’s Tattoo, to create a logo and brand identity for the first time since they opened their doors. Armstrong kindly dove right in, donating both her time and expertise.

SOS and the CAC are excited to now share it with the public. The intention of the design is to show how the CAC helps children and non-offending families put their pieces back together, ultimately with the goal of resolution, healing, and wholeness.

Another important piece of the design is recognizing our multidisciplinary team and how we are all working together to surround the families with advocacy, support and resources.

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