Alex Allemang

Alex Allemang

Alex Allemang has a goal.

The 14-year-old wants to kick 60-yard field goals — consistently — by the end of his freshman year.

Allemang was one step — well, kick — closer to that goal when he won his division and made a personal record with a 55-yard field goal kick at the Kicking World Kicking Camp in Kansas City, Kansas on June 23. The event is part of a national kicking camp based in Austin, Texas.

“The competition was great,” he said. “Knowing all the hard work I have put in is starting to show.”

Not only did he PR, Allemang landed himself with an exclusive invitation to the 2020 National Showcase in Austin in December. He is one of only two incoming freshmen in the country to receive the invitation.

There were some “really good” kickers at the camp, he said. “The competition was fun.”

The national showcase is still about six months away, but Allemang will be working hard to close that five yard gap.

“I know if I keep working and training I can make longer kicks,” he said.

The key to making a good kick?

“Having a good contact point, plant and follow-through,” Allemang said, adding that proper technique is important, too. “The technique starts with being ready in your mind to strike the ball correctly and using what you learn from camps and coaches.”

Allemang, who will be a freshman at Emporia High School in August, is the son of Clark and Shanan Allemang of Emporia.

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James Bordonaro

Our family is very proud of your accomplishment. Way to go!

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