Lyon County Detective Sergeant Jacob Welsh released a statement Thursday regarding the response to Wednesday’s school bus rollover.

The wreck involved a Wichita Public Schools bus that was traveling northbound on the Kansas Turnpike about 15 miles south of the Emporia tollgate. There were 36 students — fifth-graders — and four adults on the bus when it rolled onto its side in the east ditch.

Welsh included a list of resources from the Emporia and Lyon County community which responded:

• 3 Emporia Fire ambulances

• 1 Emporia Fire rescue truck

• 1 Emporia Fire Battalion Chief

• 1 Emporia Assistant Fire Chief

• 3 Lyon County Deputies

• 1 Lyon County Emergency Manager

• 1 school bus from Emporia Public Schools

• 1 bus from Williams Automotive

• 1 LifeSave Ambulance

• 3 Butler County EMS units

Lyon County Emergency Communications received a call from the KTA at 9:41 a.m. asking for assistance. Deputies arrived on scene at 9:59 a.m. with a 10:05 a.m. arrival time for EMS personnel.

There were 17 students who were injured at the scene and taken by ambulance Newman Regional Health, which was notified and ready to treat patient when they arrived.

“Those who were not injured were taken to Emporia High School, who gathered a response team of school officials, school counselors, nurses and CrossWinds Counseling and Wellness staff to assist those involved in the crash,” Welsh wrote. “They prepared clean clothing and food for everyone when they arrived, as well as activities and support.”

More students were identified as needing medical attention while at EHS. At that point, the Emporia Fire Department transported them to Newman Regional Health for further evaluation and treatment.

In total, Newman Regional Health treated 26 patients for injuries.

“The relationships of the agencies and organizations involved in this situation in the Emporia and Lyon County community came together to assist those involved in this situation,” Welsh wrote. “We hope incidents like this never happen, but when it does, it is great to see community partners come together to help those that we serve.”

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James Bordonaro

It seems unusual that there were no officers from the Kansas Highway Patrol listed as responding.


Team work got the job done! This was a really unfortunate situation and it had to be tough to deal with. Hopefully there will be no repeats where a school takes children out for a field trip with winter storm warnings being posted. Seriously, in the many decades of my life, I have never seen such irresponsibility by a school district. Thank God it was no worse than it was, and it was bad enough as is.

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