Lyon County Sheriff

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office had a detention officer test positive for COVID-19 Wednesday morning. The officer is currently at home following isolation per KDHE guidelines.

On March 13, the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office put in place multiple changes in the effort to prevent the exposure of staff and inmates to COVID-19. The mandatory wearing of facial coverings within the building was one of those changes. This policy remains active today. Because of these changes it is believed risk of transmission is low within the office and for our employees serving the public.

The Kansas Department of Health and Lyon County Public Health officials visited the Sheriff’s Office and reviewed processes currently in place to determine possible exposure to inmates and other staff. It was determined with our current safety measures in place, the threat of transmission of COVID-19 is low to other staff and inmates.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is working with KDHE and Lyon County Public health to address the possible exposures within the office. All inmates and staff utilizing the facility will be tested to identify anyone who may be asymptomatic.

The wellness of our staff, inmates and the community have been and will continue to be a top priority within the Sheriff’s Office. We will continue to limit access to our facility while providing critical services to our community.

We will also continue to be as transparent as possible while respecting the rights of our staff and inmates. We will provide updates as we move through the testing process.

We ask, as a community, that you continue to practice social distancing, washing your hands frequently, wearing a facial covering when unable to social distance and be kind to your neighbors. Remember we are all in this together!

Jeffrey A. Cope


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