Dan Baker

Dan Baker

As Emporia goes, so goes Emporia State, and vice versa. With the decision by the MIAA CEO council (presidents of all member universities) to cancel all fall sports, I would venture to say that there will be more small businesses in Emporia that will close for good. If the town declines, so will the university. This was a terrible decision.

I am from Emporia. My great-great grandfather came to Kansas in 1870 and got a land grant farm right outside of Emporia. I went to school at ESU. Both of my parents went to there, too.

I know the community suffered greatly from the cancellation of the Glass Blown Open disc golf tournament as well as the cancellation of the Dirty Kanza. I’m sure the town lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of it. Now, with the cancellation of Emporia State football and the first part of basketball, as well as other fall sports, the community will lose even more.

I played football at ESU. I can’t imagine how devastated the student athletes are, particularly the seniors who have been working hard for their last season. I was looking forward to coming back for homecoming.

I understand that it would be expensive to go forward with the fall sports. I was told that before every football game all players would have to be tested for COVID, and after every game one-quarter of the team would be randomly tested. This is a mandate from the NCAA, as I understand. I was told this would cost the school $10,000 per game. Frankly, if the NCAA mandates it, they should cover it.

What I don’t know is how much the school will lose by not playing. I know this, my business has been severely impacted by the lockdowns and media driven hysteria, and I will not be making the donations to ESU I had planned for this coming year, at least not as things are.

These draconian measures are destroying people’s lives. We have never imposed these kinds of actions for a germ. Four weeks ago, the NY Times said estimates are that between 66,000 and 110,000 small businesses had closed for good, despite any stimulus payments.

My great-aunt Leola, who lives in Topeka, just turned 99 last April. She still lives by herself, drives herself, and takes care of her home by herself. She has lived through many harrowing times, including growing up on a farm in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, WWII, and outliving her children. She is appalled at all the lockdowns and cancellations. As she told me, “You can’t control everything”, and, “Life has risks." And she is in the most vulnerable age group.

The vulnerable absolutely should be protected. It is the elderly and health-compromised who are the vast majority dying from COVID-19. The most vulnerable should take the precautions. They should stay away from crowds and wear masks if they want. The rest of society should live their normal lives.

Of course, there are always exceptions. Always. In every situation with every issue there are the outliers. There are those cases that defy the trend. That is life (refer to Aunt Leola quote). I know there are exceptions. My oldest daughter died of H1N1 at the age of 30 in 2009. We did not, and should not have, shut down society.

We are not following the science or the stats.

The mortality risk to college age students (under age 25) is statistically zero. In fact, they rarely even get sick. Those are the statistics. If faculty need to be protected, then faculty should take precautions. College is for students. Why should the dreams of the youth be sacrificed for the elders? It is not supposed to work that way. The youth are the future.

And masks do not work anyway. Quoting a paper by Dr. Denis Rancourt of researchgate.net, “There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles.” He cites all of the studies.

Evidence also is increasingly showing that these lockdowns and cancellations do not help. Suicides, drug and alcohol abuse, physical abuse and crimes are skyrocketing. The nation is becoming unhealthier. Despair will do this. This was predicted.

John Ioannidis, Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Stanford said that, “locking down the country with potentially tremendous social and financial consequences may be totally irrational”. He said it is “like an elephant being attacked by a house cat and accidentally jumping off a cliff trying to avoid it”.

Nobel Prize biophysicist Michael Levitt said after studying 78 countries with COVID-19, that he feared the public health measures that have shut down large swaths of the economy, “could cause their own health catastrophe, as lost jobs lead to poverty and hopelessness”.

They both were right.

I love Emporia and I am deeply saddened that the MIAA presidents unanimously voted to cancel fall sports. I know with first hand certainty that President Garrett had the best intentions in mind when she voted to do so, but I wonder … if all those in authority making these decisions lost their salary as a consequence — including mayors, governors and the Dr. Fauci’s of this world — would they be so quick to cancel?

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Havesomehorse, now I understand. You really are living in an alternate reality. To say the economy is not broken is amazing. Tell that to the 40,000 airline employees who just got laid off. Tell that to the millions of others still on unemployment. Tell that to the 100,000 businesses who have closed because of the fakedemic. You clearly must be working for the government in some form getting a paycheck no matter what happens. And there are droves of healthcare professionals that condemn lockdowns and masks. They're just not the ones that the press favors because the press favors destroying the economy in order to defeat Trump. That is the real truth. China is laughing at us because we have shut down our economy! They are wide open now. Let me try to help you again with the moral thing. The moral thing to do is protect the aged and vulnerable by keeping them away from the sick and having them wear the masks if they want (even though they don't work) AND protect families from economic decline. Guess what, you can do both. It's not one vs. the other. The lockdowns and cancellations are doing nothing but destroying businesses and jobs. People die from viruses and bacteria every year. Your logic should really demand that everyone wear masks all the time because it's the moral thing to do.


libuster and drrvnoble - Here’s my final take on your posts and this opinion piece.

• One can find a published article to prove any point. The ones you pick aren’t written as truths, in stone on a mountain.

• Accept responsibility for your actions. During a worldwide pandemic if you cannot follow the few simple mandates of medical professionals, you shouldn’t expect medical treatment. You made an informed decision, remember?

• Your “want to dos” do not come before the needs of others. Protecting the sick and aged is the moral thing to do. You may need sheltering someday.

• The economy is not “broken”. My investment portfolio is still intact. Perhaps you need a better financial advisor.

• China is laughing at the United States. The pandemic has proven the majority of Americans have no self-control.

• You accuse others of being hateful; try reading your own words.

• Yes, I believe in a greater being. Perhaps you should also, it might calm your nerves a bit.

• If I’m totally off base and crazy, why does it bother you so? Be honest with yourself. You aren’t the tolerant open minded person you so loudly profess to be.

There’s really nothing else to say. See ya down the road.


As expected you fail to support anything you state. It is typical of I'll informed people who only function at a rudimentary level. You are a slave to the media and have no individual thought but what you read. I don't expect to change how you think. That's futile. I am able to see the middle ground so don't lump me in one basket. They're is a balanced and measured way to approach this pandemic. Not just your way. You fail to take the total picture into consideration. In short, you favor complete shut down of the USA in favor of Covid management. Yet, you ignore the loss of life on any other way. I believe all live is important and seek to make sure ignorant people like you are held accountable. You think it's cool to be for the shutdown. So, in essence all the horrible impact, All the life list doesn't matter to you just wear a mas . Nor does the fact that it's a direct result of what you support blindly . So you took a position that only some life matters. Sickens me when people are so myopic. From your position is only those afflicted or may be afflicted with Covid matter. No one else. His b

Plus your points about faith aren't Christian. Who are you to judge and tell whether a person's faith is solid. I hope anyone who reads this explains things to you. It's simple, do all the things that are good for people not just Covid hysteria. Here's food for thought. Look at how random,unscientific thus ridiculous this is. It's amazing. How sscientificis it to randomly pick anywhere from 10 to 100 people gathering is safe. Our about 6 feet is the safe distance for Covid management, lol. Our is okay to wear a mask in a grocery store but not gloves. Every single item in a store is touched by thousands of people,lol. Look at Sturgis, 460,000 people look at the lack of incidence for this basically large scale experiment. Accordingly, this should have sparked hundreds of thousands of cases. It didn't. I don't disagree with taking reasonable safety precautions. I disagree that you get to impose that on others when there's a balked way to approach this virus. Thanks for reading


libuster, Part of me is hoping you aren’t a real person. I would like to believe that you are a collective group of Emporia Gazette employees just having fun trying to see how many posts they can get on this one article. But the bigger part of me says you are real, and there are more like you. I don’t know how to address this attitude of ‘Let the weak cower and hide in the basement while the rest of us enjoy life. The virus won’t hurt us.’ Maybe someday you all will grow old or maybe you’ll develop a health problem like cancer. Then you will feel the pain, grief and anxiety these people are already experiencing besides facing the fear of COVID. Maybe you will receive the same lack of compassion that you now show. It’s said, “what goes around, comes around”. Sheltering the weakest among us by doing everything possible to keep them safe and give them comfort in their darkest times, shows the real strength of a person’s character. May your soul find the grace of God.


You leftists are so predictable. You lose the debate on the facts, so you descend into the morass of name calling, or in your case, smarmy, sanctimonious invective. You even go so low as to insinuate that I’m going to hell because I’m against all of the unnecessary and ineffective lockdowns and the misery and destruction that follow in their wake. If you weren’t so obscene and disgusting, you would be hilarious.


Well I guess veiled statements of implying someone needs to die because they disgrace with you is OK. I really doubt your tag name "have some horse sense as your comments make no sense whatsoever. You use no facts just emotional gibberish. Just because you believe something doesn't make it true. Mr. Baskers maturity and fact based opinion is welcome. Your feckless rants with no factual support must be embarrassing. Especially when compared to the rationally expressed though differing opinion of Mr. Baker. You apparently only read what supports your view. Not to mention there are developing narratives about how the safeguards were more hysterical then necessary. It just isn't working like they portended. Plus, there is not one ounce of scientific backing in locking up the healthy which as you may have noticed is implausible. You discount other loss of life, poverty, suicide ruined businesses and especially people's right to question draconian measures. You do realize you live in America. We're not China where the government dictates our freedoms. So let's see if you can put forth one scientific study to support your position. I definitely agree with your right to believe differently. You just don't believe people have the same right as you. I suspect you have no clue or desire to examine the issue from both points of view. I have and there's at least credible scientific opinion to cause us to pause and evaluate this approach in totality. I doubt if you think it's OK for others to suicide, drug abuse, become impoverished, die loss of livihood permanently. I think your seeing the initial thoughts on pandemic come into very fair criticism. As it should its America. Have some horsesense. Love to see you present one scientific study to support your position.


News article addressing some information presented in this opinion piece - https://www.msn.com/en-




It debunks nothing in this Op-ed. It actually supports the Op-ed. The fact is that 94% of those who have died with Covid-19 have had an average of 2.6 other significant health issues. The article you cite supports the fact that it is extremely rare for a healthy person to die from Covid-19 and it is the health-compromised and aged that need to take the restrictive precautions.


Libuster, That’s fine, we just need to add one more caveat. We need to take the names of you brave people and maybe add something to your drivers’ license to identify that you have made a COVID choice. Then if supplies of medicines or hospitals get overrun, I know you won’t mind if your names go to the bottom of the list for medical attention. All the basement people get treatment before you. If you don’t comply maybe you die? Fair is fair. As Clint would say, “Do you feel lucky punk?”


Lol, no problem. Happy to take that risk. Part of life. It's less risk than dying in a car accident and we take that risk all the time. The basement people won't get it either because they're doing all the precautions, right? And if hospitals aren't overrun now they never will be by this. By the way, did you catch this...According to The New York Times, "potentially 90 percent of those who have tested positive for COVID-19 have such insignificant amounts of the virus present in their bodies that such individuals do not need to isolate nor are they candidates for contact tracing. Leading public health experts are now concerned that overtesting is responsible for misdiagnosing a huge number of people with harmless amounts of the virus in their systems."


Ahhh….You’re right……We’ll all wake up tomorrow and realize it was just a bad dream. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. LOL!!!


Some of us woke up and realized it months ago.


Are you out of touch with reality. I keep reading your . emotional response as well as your very sarcastic attitude. What is wrong with you. Mr. Baker response show a level of debate that is based on facts. Noticed your drivers license comment. That's vulgar and hostile. Don't you realize that there are two differing viewpoints on this pandemic. What makes it okay for you to demonize someone for their fact based opinion. Mr. Baker didn't make up the facts he's quoting. I think your post show a remarkable immaturity, infantile and disrespectful. The Gazette should nix your for your hate responses. You should change your name to throwing horse Shit as you don't present any reasonable point of view. Just tossing cow paddies. Like a 5year old. Try doing some research on both points of view them present a mature response where you disagree. I don't respect the left or the right when they assert from a hostile, vedictive point of view. Just the facts please or don't respond. Must actually enjoy doing this. That my friend is the definition of stupid


dbaker56, basically, what you are saying, is anyone with a pre-existing health condition that dies of COVID19 doesn’t matter. Only people in perfect health that die matter. I also question what constitutes a ruined life. You don’t have any numbers on “ruined lives”? I think you were going for the dramatic effect there? Sorry, no tears, but your writing does clearly express your attitude. I can clearly see the image of the north end of a south bound horse.


The Director of the CDC said that the U.S. is seeing far more deaths from suicides, quote, ""We’re seeing, sadly, far greater suicides now than we are deaths from COVID. We’re seeing far greater deaths from drug overdose that are above excess that we had as background than we are seeing the deaths from COVID." Do those people count, havesomehorse? This month 1.2 million people sought unemployment when the $600 jobless payments stopped. Do those people count? Do you not care about them? Tens of thousands of people have had to close their businesses for good, their livelihoods destroyed and their dreams crushed due to the lockdowns. Do those people count as ruined lives? Do you not care about them? Evidently not. A recent study by 2 BYU economists published in the Journal of Economics showed a sharp rise in domestic violence since the start of the pandemic. There are the statistics you asked for. And you lied about what I said. I didn't say they didn't matter, I implied we should not shut down society because of a virus. Perhaps the image you see is in your mirror.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, I’m just showing you the other side in the mirror. The side you forgot. You originally said ”Those deaths in the U.S. that were from Covid-19 alone, with no complicit health issues, are only 9,210. This is what we are destroying the economy and ruining lives over.” So using your logic, all those extra deaths from suicides, drug overdoses, domestic violence, those were just pre-existing conditions. If the stress from COVID didn’t kill them, something else would have – isn’t that your logic? You say, “their livelihoods destroyed and their dreams crushed due to the lockdowns”. I’d rather have my livelihood destroyed than my life. What about all the people that are older (60’s-70’s) that have worked hard all their lives and are looking forward to retirement, spending time with the grandkids. What about their crushed dreams when one spouse dies. We aren’t ever going to be totally the same but our economy is far from dead. The trucking, Amazon, cleaning products, travel trailer industry, medical research, engineer positions have actually increased. We all need to have a little grace, be patient, focus on how much we still have, and do whatever we possibly can (wearing masks, not gathering in crowds) to get through this. It’s not too much to ask of anyone. Enough said.


You have totally twisted his point. You know those are not 'preexisting conditions". That is tripe. Why is it that you have a problem with those who are health compromised and elderly taking the necessary precautions and leaving the rest of humanity to carry on as normal. I love how you say to those who have lost their businesses, or those who have lost someone to suicide because of despair, to have patience. If social distancing and wearing masks are the solutions, then those who are at risk can follow those restrictions and everything will be just fine.. They won't get the virus because they are staying away from anyone who has it and the mask will protect them if they do. If those are the saviors, then that's all we have to do. You can stay in your basement like Joe Biden. The rest of us want to live.


The CDC just updated the number of Covid-19 deaths. Those deaths in the U.S. that were from Covid-19 alone, with no complicit health issues, are only 9,210. This is what we are destroying the economy and ruining lives over.

Jodie Fund

Perhaps Mr. Baker would feel differently if he were a medical doctor or worked in the health care field and had to deal directly with the virus.


The only thing worth reading in this article or the comments below is Emporia State University is in decline. That started way, way before the pandemic. The only number that has gone up at the University during the last five years is administrative salaries.

KB Thomas

The dark side of mandatory vaccinations was technology developed by CIA mind control scientists used to tag and track the Vietnamese in the late 60's is a very good reason to be weary about giving up are freedom.

KB Thomas

Diamond In The Rough great Post. And now review Trunews Broadcast Ultimate Contact Tracing What Will Be In Coronavirus Vaccine.


I totally agree with you. Society has fallen victim to the fearmongerling lies of the liberal left. It is all about Deep State control and trying to keep the population in fear and panic mode as they continue to blame Trump for all the problems they are creating. Our country needs to stop walking in fear and get back to normal again. Masks have been proven to do no good and to actually cause harm to those who wear them for any length of time. Every year more people die from the flu, pneumonia, drunk driving, suicide, drug overdoses, etc. Unfortunately death is a part of life. We need to open back all of our businesses, burn the masks, and get back to life as normal. There are a large number of good quality treatments for Covid 19 now. The vast majority of people who get it have little if any symptoms. If a person feels vulnerable to the disease then they should by all means take precautions but the rest of us need to buckle down and get back to the task of making America great again. This whole shut down thing is politically driven by the left and the Deep State. Dr. Faucci and Brix are deep state plants that were used to give misleading information to President Trump. Trump has done a great job handling this crisis, especially with the false and misleading information that was being fed to him daily. The Democrats always use fear to manipulate people.. I guess climate change was getting a bit old and mundane for them so they switched to fear of Covid19. They don't care how many businesses fail or how many lives are ruined by shutting down the country. All they care about is removing President Trump from office because they can't control him. The Democrats have become the party of satan and socialism. They want to divide us and to tear our country down and help to establish a New World Order... based on Socialism ... which has never worked in the history of the world. VOTE RED... Vote for Trump! He has proven himself to be one of the greatest leaders our country has ever known.

KB Thomas

Review: Money Mobs And Drug Lords Rule. YouTube.........The Gerald Celente Show.

KB Thomas

Review: We Are Under Attack W/Guest Host Bill Flick......3 years ago..........Get Educated!

KB Thomas

Great article and please review: Tom D'Ambra What's Going On? Are You Capable of Critical Thinking?


You're opinion is worthless. Typical trash boomer cares more about money than lives.


Your opinion is hidden behind the mask of your sign on!!! if you want to make bold statements than use your name!! Otherwise you have No Opinion you are a fart in the wind!!!


Mr. Bakers article was a cogent, fact based OpEd. I wish more journalist would provide such support for their position. The article was not personal or insulting in any way shape or form. However, some of the comments or reactions are infantile, rants full of wrecklessness and hostility. When did it become to norm to be derogatory about someone's perspective versus penning a comment playing out your beliefs supported by facts. If you can only spew hostility because you don't agree with a point of view them you have no true point of view. That is, other than " it makes me angry when someone disagrees with my beliefs." Democracy is almost always a push pull or tug of war phenomenon. That is is inherent strength. That is what makes America great

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