From their point of view, they had to do something about the terrorists in the remote northeast part of the country.

To address this increasing problem, the government formed an army. It was led by a flamboyant general.

As they marched northeast, they freed every Black person that they might encounter. The general who led this army had just proclaimed that all Black men would be free in this country.

Upon arriving at what they considered to be the terrorist stronghold, the battle began. The army killed everyone in the fort except some of the Blacks who were present.

Do you ask where this fort was?

Keep firmly in mind that the above is not the views of those inside the Alamo in Mexico.

Upon the conclusion of this battle, Antonio López de Santa Anna went to his tent. The fighting lasted from Feb. 23 - March 6, 1836 — or 13 days. The outnumbered Texans put up one hell of a fight to inflict 600 casualties compared to the Alamo’s defenders losing 189 souls.

Some really fired-up and ready-to-fight Texans were outside the Alamo itching to get to Santa Anna. Although their leader Sam Houston held them back. He had an idea of a way to occupy the general so his leadership was not present when needed.

His plan was to send a beautiful, light-complexioned woman of mixed race to occupy Santa Anna.

She did such a fine job of “entertaining” Santa Anna that Sam Houston took the high ground around his camp and whipped the Mexicans in less than 20 minutes.

Santa Anna was captured and most of the Texans wanted to hang him. This is when Sam Houston told Santa Anna that he could live if he signed over Texas and half of Mexico to the US. Santa Anna did so. There is much debate if this was really a treaty as it was signed under duress.

The woman was so honored by the Texans that they created a song about “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” If one Googles the original lyrics it is plain as to what they were making reference to.

So what about our border wall not being needed.

Allow the above to be a bit of background as to the rest of this narrative.

Manifest Destiny (the taking of land for the growing United States empire) was still in force and actively practiced.

To some degree as a result of the Alamo’s success our US Army performed another very much hidden expedition. The United States Army occupied Mexico City from Sept. 14, 1847 - June 12, 1848. The occupation began with three days of intense and bloody street fighting between Mexicans and U.S. troops. There is a lot of history about this, but short of going into detail let’s go to the bottom line of my point.

Many of the wealthy in Mexico wanted the United States to annex all of the rest of Mexico. This, of course, did not come to pass. As a matter of fact, last Saturday I was eating my breakfast of menudo on South Avenue when I shared this story with some Latino men that I was eating with. Each person also said that if this would have happened it would have been fine, if not better for Mexico.

Now, do you see the reason for the title of this narrative?

Candidate Trump, nor President Trump, nor twice-impeached Trump would not have had any issue with “illegal immigrants” should everyone south of what is now the border with Mexico have been Americans. And one would not have had to confuse him with the fact that almost all such walls fail.

In addition, “the wall” hid the main problem for Trump’s business and many other U.S. businesses. Cheap labor in the form of undocumented immigrants is much used and appreciated by those who hire them illegally. After all, why have millions come of late if it is not for jobs? Biden has set new records for undocumented immigrants, but almost every president has watched this happen.

Therefore by diverting attention from the real reason undocumented immigrants are coming here for jobs, Trump made the wall the issue. Never speak about the simple solution of putting those who routinely hire undocumented immigrants in jail. Plus to add more to our $32 trillion dollar debt which is the goal of both parties it seems.

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Hartman's essay makes some excellent points about how history would be different had earlier generations made different decisions. The conclusion that Trump and Trumpism would be a non-starter if Mexico were a U.S. state, though, is correct ONLY if the only motivator is to stem illegal immigration. Instead, illegal immigration and the border wall are the polite faces given to the real issue. That issue is race.

It's true. If it was about legalities and stopping people from being able to cross a wide-open land expanse, we would also build a wall along the Canadian border.


And how many people, pray tell, try to enter the US illegally across the Canadian border each year, compared to the numbers from the southern border? One reason the number is astronomically smaller is because Canada actually enforces their own immigration laws. So its harder to get into Canada and then the US. Plus we are the only country that Canada borders. So your statement about why don't we build a wall along the Canadian border doesn't hold up to scrutiny.


Now you've got me humming The Yellow Rose of Texas. Menudo eh? Yup, I love it too. We owe more to the Mexican culture in this country than so many would care to admit, and I mean more than tacos. You write so well, Bill Hartman, perhaps you will write about that very long list sometime. Oh and yes, you have given the reason why The original Yellow Rose of Texas has snare drums playing a smart military tempo or lyrics that say "she's the sweetest rose of color." Nicely done.

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