BLI Rentals, LLC started in Emporia in 2001. It recently entered into a letter of intent to sell its assets.

BLI Rentals, LLC of Emporia recently entered into a letter of intent to sell its assets.

During the coming 90 days, BLI Rentals, LLC will participate in due diligence and present any resulting opportunities to the owners and investors. This type of transaction may or may not be completed, depending on the decision of the parties.

During this time period, BLI Rentals, LLC remains committed to providing the same high standard of service to its customers and dealers, according to a prepared statement from BLI.

BLI Rentals, LLC continues to be most grateful for its wonderful team of employees, dealers, investors and the very special community of Emporia, Kansas, the statement continued.

BLI Rentals, LLC was founded in Emporia by Scott and Kathy Strahm in 2001. It. moved to its current location at 715 Merchant St. in Feb. 2013, and has become a nationwide player in the rent-to-own business.

According to its website,, “BLI Rentals LLC provides rent-to-own services to businesses that sell a wide range of outdoor products like — sheds, gazebos, swing sets, chicken coops, outdoor furniture and other outdoor structures.

“We don’t build these products, we simply buy them outright from our dealers so customers can rent-to-own them from us. So our dealers make the sale to us and we take care of the customer from there”

The company highlights its six core values: “faith, integrity, relationships, progressive, opportunity and value-added service” as keys to its success.

For more information about BLI, customers can visit or contact the company at 620-208-2888 or

Office hours: from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday and 8 a.m. to noon Saturday.

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