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A Lansing, Mich., man is in custody after placing several threatening phone calls to businesses and organizations across Emporia on Thursday.

The Emporia Police Department worked closely with the Lansing Police Department to investigate the criminal threats and to identify the suspect, 26-year-old Tyler Sanders.

The phone calls began Wednesday evening when Sanders called Newman Regional Health and said he would “shoot up” the hospital.

On Thursday, Emporia Christian School, the Emporia Rec Center, Maynard Early Childhood Center and the Buckle each received threatening phone calls from the same number.

While Captain Ray Mattas said the threats were “never the same,” all of the calls were placed from the same phone number outside of the state.

EPD determined that the calls were being placed from Lansing, which connected it to the Lansing Police. Mattas said the calls did not sustain a credible threat to any business, organization or person in the city of Emporia.

Sanders could face charges in Lyon County for five counts of aggravated criminal threat. There is also the possibility he could face similar charges in Michigan and Louisiana.

“We ask for any person or business receiving a threatening phone call to call the Emporia Police Department and file a report,” Mattas said.

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Will we ever know the connection this guy has to Emporia?


Human's are fk'ed up. TRUST NO ONE

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