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Steven Iverson is part of possibly the only practicing law firm in Council Grove.

The Emporia Gazette

COUNCIL GROVE — A Council Grove attorney is facing multiple charges after allegedly using a semi-tractor-trailer in an attempt to cause bodily harm to a city councilman and his wife, according to a complaint filed by Morris County.

Attorney Steven D. Iverson is facing several charges including two counts of aggravated assault, one count of interference with law enforcement, interference with the judicial process, intimidation of a witness or victim and reckless driving.

In a criminal complaint filed in the District Court of Morris County, Iverson is named as a defendant for all six charges.

According to KSNT, the complaint states that on or about July 25, 2020, Iverson “attempted to use a semi-tractor trailer as a deadly weapon against Council Grove councilman Keith Wessel.” Iverson also faces charges for “using a semi-tractor-trailer as a deadly weapon against Alicia Wessel, the councilman’s wife.”

KSNT reported that Iverson is being charged with interference with law enforcement as well. That charge stems from interfering with Morris County Sheriff’s Deputy Alex Wooden while he was on duty. The complaint states that Iverson attempted to intimidate Keith and Alicia Wessel from filing a complaint leading to an intimidation charge.

According to his web site, Iverson is a 2014 graduate of Washburn University School of Law in 2014 and is licensed to practice in Kansas and the U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas.

“Prior to law school, Steve served in the Army for six years,” his web site said. “He engaged in over 100 combat missions while deployed in Iraq from 2007-2009. One of Steve’s responsibilities while in the military involved training other soldiers while serving as squad leader, convoy scout gunner, and air assault squad leader.”

Iverson could face 11 to 34 months in prison, and or up to a $100,000 fine for each of the aggravated assault charges. He could face five to 17 months in prison for the interference charge, and seven to 23 months in county jail if he is found guilty of the intimidation charge.

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How does someone get Charged like this after 2 yrs? There isn't a statue of limitations on bringing charges after a crime is committed?


It is unusual for a case to be charged nearly 2 years after the crimes such as these are alleged to have occurred. Hopefully the public will soon have access to the affidavits in support of the Complaint.


So, James, are you complimenting his legal skills? Does it amount to a recommendation and/or referral? I've heard you guys stick together. [beam]

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