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The Emporia Public Schools Board of Education voted 5-0 to terminate the contract of EHS Head Football Coach Corby after reported allegations of abuse Wednesday evening. He had held the position since 2014.

According to a report from KSNT News, allegations from former players “range from being hit with different things, like clipboards and practice schedules, to being shoved and grabbed by the helmet...athletes and parents say [Milleson] used profanity.”

The Gazette reached out to Milleson, who refused comment. He will still receive pay as if completed his coaching duties for the 2020-21 school year.

The vote came after several lengthy executive sessions. Board President Michael Crouch and Vice President Leslie Seeley recused themselves from the vote due to “conflicts of interest.”

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It's pretty easy to make comments when you don't have to use your name and you sit behind a computer! Journalism is DEAD! It used to be that if you wanted to comment on a story you had to be willing to sign your name. If you are going to be the Watchman of the community Sign your name!!!


Hey watchmen you need to get your facts straight it was a teacher not a coach that allegedly molested the children.


My apologies for attaching the label of "coach" to an alleged molester.

The KBI identifies the number of sex offenders living in the Emporia area at around 100. Just under one hundred convicted sex offenders live in this community. That list does not include anyone who is alleged of participating in sexual misconduct/crimes.

This says a lot about the community and what the community is willing to tolerate.

I'll be sure to attach the correct employment title of an alleged pervert to ensure we are focused on what really matters: titles.

We don't need to focus on the people hiring bad actors.

Let's leave them alone.

Chicken or the egg:

If employers wouldn't employ perverts and abusers then would there be such a large population of convicted perverts and abusers in the community?


actually, he was both. Just not a head coach




So one coach this year allegedly molested children at the high school.

A second coach allegedly put his hands on football players at the high school.

Is there a problem with the coaches at EHS? Who is doing the hiring of these people? Who is doing the evaluations of these people?

253 has some explaining to do to the stakeholders in this district.

It's time for heads to roll. Administration need to answer for their failures. This includes the Athletic Director.

Parents better start showing up to practices to ensure the safe and ethical treatment of their kids.


Coach Milleson was absolutely the best coach and mentor my son had at EHS. The respect he showed my son was impressive.


You must have either donated a lot of money to the program or are a friend of the school board president or board member...


It wasnt just football players. He treated many kids like this during summer lifting also.

An Expatriate Emporian

The joys of being employed by a school district - you commit multiple counts of assault. don't have to do any more work. and you still get paid. How lovely.

In a zero tolerance policy district no less, so a student to another student they would be expelled. However When conduct was going on of which the board was familiar they let it slide until they couldn't contain the public blow-out. Owning it from the top would be good, but they'll all disavow any knowledge. Watch how long that lasts.


Why is it exactly that he is allowed to get fully paid & remain a teacher, when he clearly was abusive for years. Something is seriously wrong with this picture!! Some heads need to roll on the school board, starting with the president, who is best friends with Milleson!!

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