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Kona Panis

The Emporia Gazette

Kona Panis has joined Team Dynamic Discs.

The announcement was made Monday morning.

“We are so excited to announce the newest signing to Team Dynamic Discs, Kona Panis,” Dynamic Discs said in a post to social media.

According to Panis’s web site, she started playing disc golf at age 7.

“My dad would bring out the whole family to play a few times during the summer and, for me, as a kid, I liked being in the park,” she said in her online biography. “It wasn’t about disc golf. That’s how it was for many years until November 2015 when I played the Phoenix Ladies Open in Arizona. I played Advanced Women with some very competitive but fun ladies. After two rounds, I came out on top by one stroke.”

Panis said she “became hooked on the culture” as well as the “thrill of winning,” Plus, she liked to make the discs fly.

“Growing up, I was dedicated to playing softball and basketball,” she said. “I graduated high school in 2016 and am now solely focused on disc golf competition and promotion.”

Panis will participate in a live in-store signing from 1 - 2 p.m. today, Jan. 3. You can watch the signings live on the Dynamic Discs Facebook page. Commemorative Kona Panis discs are available for sale at both and at

A live press conference is scheduled for noon, today at Dynamic Discs Headquarters in Emporia. To watch the live stream of the press conference, visit the Dynamic Discs YouTube Channel.

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If DD wants to make all these great splashes, they should be prepare to pay for them,

and not expect the not into the sport? to pay for it.


I only hope that when DD comes to the city begging for money that the council says no. If they have that kind of money they don't need my tax dollars to put on a tournament.

Same goes for the county.

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