In efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Kansas, Social Innovation Laboratory created the “Spread Kindness, not the Virus” campaign to encourage residents to wear a mask to stop the spread as a sign of care for their fellow Kansans. SIL’s goal is to provide small businesses and nonprofits in Kansas with “For the Love of Kansas, Wear a Mask” window clings to place on entrances to strengthen safe practices, create consistency in messaging and further a sense of community. The campaign is an initiative from the Kansas Leadership Center’s “Kansas Beat the Virus” campaign and would not be possible without their support and funding.

“When visiting local small businesses and independent operators during the pandemic, we noticed that the signage on entrances was a mix of handwritten notes of varying shapes and sizes. Conversely, larger chain stores have the resources for professionally printed signs on all entrances. This campaign provides cash-strapped businesses and nonprofits with professionally printed signs for their entrances and appeals to Kansan values of looking out for each other,” said Will Rapp, Executive Director of SIL.

About Social Innovation Laboratory: Social Innovation Laboratory is a non-profit organization committed to improving social programs, the processes behind them, and the lives of the passionate individuals who make them possible. While the social issues may vary from project to project, the intention is always the same: to improve social programs and create a model for other nonprofits to follow. Often, nonprofits have the right motivations, but lack the knowledge to provide efficient assistance to those who need it most. The Social Innovation Laboratory functions both to combat serious social issues and to serve as an example of evidence-based community efforts.

For more information about the “Spread Kindness, not the Virus” campaign or to request a sign, visit socialinnovationlab.org/spreadkindness or follow us on our Facebook page @InnovateKS.

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