A mob invading the U.S. Capitol. Police officers with guns drawn inside the House of Representatives. Lawmakers hiding from intruders seeking to overturn a national election.

These and other scenes from Capitol Hill shocked the world Wednesday as violent protesters loyal to President Donald Trump stormed the nation's halls of power in a brazen attempt to undercut democracy and keep Democrat Joe Biden from replacing Trump in the White House in two weeks.

The chaos halted Congress' constitutionally mandated counting of the Electoral College results, which showed Biden defeated Trump, 306-232.

In the morning, Trump rallied his supporters outside the White House and urged them to march to the Capitol. Hours later, after they fought police and breached the building, he told them to "go home in peace." He described them as "very special people" whose cause he supported.

Biden, speaking from Wilmington, Delaware, called on Trump to go on national television to demand "an end to this siege."

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Hollowed Ground

The statement that the images shocked the "world" is overblown. Leaders in Russia, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, Honduras, Egypt, Ethiopia and most if not all of the former Soviet Bloc are pleased, not shocked. Such is the legacy of Trump. MAGA!

Hollowed Ground

Every Republican in the land id pretending they never heard of Trump. McCarthy, McConnell, even Schminzy Lindsey. Knock them down every time you hear it! And Faux News is still struggling to figure out just who the terrorists were. Expect Faux to identify the terrorists as Obama supporters.


The headlines are saying “Twitter and Facebook lock Trump’s accounts over video message”. It's just too bad they’re four years too late.


Donald Trump announced for president in 2015 by telling us America is not great, spent the next four years working toward that end. He then runs again telling us to Keep America just the way it is. Now his departing challenge seems to be "Make America Great Again". Good Luck, but things are looking much better!

Hollowed Ground

Looks to me like the Capitol Police were in cahoots. They let the insurrectionists in and welcomed them. Now the Republicans are trying to behave like they never supported Trump in the first place. Just like the Germans in 1945 said they never supported the Nazis.


Arrest the insurrectionists. Unseat the enablers in the House and Senate. Invoke the 25th Amendment. Impeach the President. NOW!


Why spend the money to impeach? there's only a few days left. The government already spends enough money on wasted projects. a little common sense in this country would go a long way.

Hollowed Ground

Impeachment in absentia would keep it from public office, from running in 2024. But you still would never get the 67 votes because the Senate Goobers still think it as a deity, the greatest thing since sliced bread.


Sorry, James. You're going in the wrong direction. Impeachment is off the table, even if (as Hollow argues) it would prevent the President from seeking future political office. We are not a banana republic (OK, in spite of yesterday's events that kind of say we are), hence we do not prosecute and persecute our political opponents. (Notice the word "opponent," not "enemy.") Impeaching the President after he has lost the election smacks of such persecution. Let him exit the office. Let him exit the national stage. Drop the investigations and decline to file charges (at least on a personal level; investigations and charges against his businesses when they are misbehaving is a really good idea). Let the man retire with the dignity and respect appropriate to a former U.S. President.

Treat the insurrectionists as we treated the Southern combatants after the post-Civil War Reconstruction: allow them to return to their homes, families, and jobs. Grant them pardons if need be. Return them to their productive roles as U.S. citizens, fully-functioning and enfranchised members of society. The attempted coup is over and has been put down; prosecution and persecution of the participants will only martyr them and make the political divisions between us all stronger. It will not pull down those divisions.

Those appointed officials who have enabled this President will be replaced in a few weeks. Those elected officials who have done the same will be encouraged by their party apparatus to consider retirement at their next election, and if not the voters can unseat them at that time.


I get where you're coming from, but I think you're lacking some perspective. The post-Civil-War era was not very peaceful time unless you were white. And those southern combatants, you think they just went home and became enlightened and moved on? No. We had the klan, jim crow, civil rights movement, LA riots, neo nazis, etc. Its a difficult and ongoing issue. We had BLM protests, and the president tried to lock them up for 10 years for doing what these insurrectionists just did- damage federal buildings. He signed executive orders to prosecute them. But when the (mostly) white right attempts a coup, we should just let them go home? We need to at least take a moment and acknowledge the inherent inequality or we'll never get past this issue.


Not lacking perspective, nmaus, although I question whether some on these boards can appreciate the nuances you're bringing up. We absolutely need to acknowledge the inherent inequalities and the privileges held by Whites. You are absolutely right that Southern combatants maintained their prejudices and biases, activating and perpetuating those in the ways you listed here. I'm not saying send them home and pretend this never happened. I'm saying send them home and then start to work with them to address their grievances. People who feel their grievances have been heard don't storm Capitols. If we don't get to that point where those grievances have been consciously and carefully heard and dealt with, prosecution does more harm than good.

Hollowed Ground

You are nuts. We made big mistake in 1865 with that 'malice toward none' garbage. Look what it got us! You obviously don't understand the deplorables or the Republicans. Nothing is a bigger waste of time than trying to conciliate through kindness to them. Nothing is more pointless. Obama learned that the hard way. "You lie, boy!" Deplorables and Republicans take all kindness as evidence of timidity, weakness, lack of courage. This motivates them to thuggery, bullying and in the last 4 years to lawlessness. The only thing Republicans understand is the rule of force. Force and power. That's why so many of them have to carry guns. They respect anyone with a gun and disdain those without. Force is what they understand and respect. Kindness they have no use for.

An Expatriate Emporian

Hallowed, you have it right on the nose that reconstruction was handled well intended but failed utterly after the Civil War. Now we need to spend at least a generation trying to undo the mythology they've been allowed to build up over the past century and a half. The racism and evalgelical extremism has been allowed to run out of control and accelerated.

It's because of the GOP's fantasy of itself that has encouraged the fact that trump cultists to carry the confederate battle flag through the capital for the first time in history.

Hollowed Ground

Has Lin Wood and Inkface Ghouliani filed a lawsuit claiming the Georgia Senate races were full of fraud and should be overturned yet? Or will he wait until the Trumpsters attack again?

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