Trash bags at Rocky Ford bridge

Lyon County Sheriff’s Officers want to know who left trash bags next to the historic Rocky Ford bridge. It’s considered criminal littering.

The Emporia Gazette

Lyon County has a public landfill on South Avenue. But someone apparently isn’t satisfied with that.

County workers revealed Monday they found at least eight large stuffed trash bags next to the historic Rocky Ford bridge, southeast of Emporia. It’s now a criminal investigation.

A statement by the Sheriff’s Office on social media noted that a “public roadway, ditches, or public property, is not a public place to dump your trash.”

Whoever left the bags can be charged with criminal littering. People with tips about who left them are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

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It could be an immigrant. In some countries, people take their trash to some place, like in the woods, and dump it there, or throw it off a bridge. But in the US, immigrants are not acculturated.

City of Emporia

The transfer station hours are: 8-5 M-Sat. Call (620) 340-6339 for information


Unfortunately this is what happens when people are charged to dump fees. Many city county landfills in Kansas are free ,… not Empukesville ,.. but holy crap we have million dollar pickle balls courts and bursting water mains.

City of Emporia

Name calling doesn't solve anything.


People are dumping sofas near the railroad tracks on G. Pretty disrespectful and certainly not the standard of Emporia community members.


This has been going on for years and also trash dumped underneath the turnpike bridge.

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