Democracy-preserving changes to the outdated 1887 Electoral Count Act, passed at a time when legislators couldn’t imagine a situation like the shameful events that led up to the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, must be approved by Congress. The question now is whether that will be the version passed last week by the House, the version introduced in the Senate, or something in between.

There’s no doubt that the House version is more robust. It lays out five specific categories of reasons why an objection to a state’s electors might be raised by Congress and would require at least a third of each chamber to support the raising of such an objection, plus a majority vote to substantiate it; the Senate version would only require a fifth of members to raise an objection.

Yet these are details, and both versions substantially tighten up what are currently far too permissive standards for both Congress and state governments to interfere with elections. On the most significant and fundamental points, such as eliminating the ability for state legislatures to throw out slates simply by declaring an election to be “failed,” the House and Senate are in lockstep, and they must now work together to get these important shifts over the finish line.

The House’s rush to pass a version that the bipartisan group of legislators hashing it out in the Senate don’t seem particularly enthused about certainly hasn’t helped, but the bill’s trajectory is far from derailed. Sen. Susan Collins, one of the lead negotiators, reiterated her commitment to getting some form of the bill finalized while keeping the 11 GOP senators currently signed on. That’s vital, given that 60 votes are the threshold to accomplish almost anything in the Senate.

If the price is slightly watering down the stricter tenets of the House-passed bill, so be it. Without concrete action soon, the entire democratic electoral process that put these policymakers in office and imbues them with power on behalf of the public is in jeopardy. Do whatever is necessary to protect the will of the people.

New York Daily News

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They won't fix it. It does not cover the $200M+ the Troll that owns Facebook spent to swing the election to Biden. It does not require every vote to have an ID. It does not cover social media, the DOJ and the FBI from rigging the election by burying the Hunter Biden laptop story and for promoting the Russian Hoax. These criminals will continue to work to rig the election in Nov. and in 2024. If the Democrats can't win the house and senate with the FBI, CIA, DOJ, Facebook, Google, Youtube and the rest of social media working for them, they will probably never win another election again. If they run on their accomplishments of the last 2 years they will be in trouble: Afghan pullout leaving hundreds of Americans behind to die, record inflation, record crime waves, criminal justice reform (no bail, free shoplifting) record criminal immigration, record illegal immigration, record deficits, record spending, the woke culture, record school perversion, $2B in BLM/Antifa riot damages, mutilation of children promoting transgenderism, record national debt.......


It's very eye opening that 209 Republicans voted against the bill that would make it harder to steal an election after claiming the 2020 election was stolen... I read through the bill at work while taking advantage of my employer and didn't see a single reason to vote against this bill. Why do Republicans whine about election integrity if they're not willing to take action to fix it? Voting against the presidential election reform act after Jan. 6th is very un-American of the Republican party. The sad part is these people love calling themselves patriots... you can't love your country and also support of insurrectionists attacking it.


Wow, I’m not sure if this is gonna make me ill or not. This is three times that I agree with you.


Glad to see you're finally getting some sense, Ricky. [beam]


I guess so long as you stay away from us poor Catholics, that we have more in common than you think. 🤢


Oh, you "Poor Catholics" who have so much money laying around you're able fund a multi-million dollar campaign to try and take abortion rights from women... A campaign full of lies about protecting abortion to try and trick people into voting YES. A very sad and ungodlike campaign of lies known as Value Them Both. I never said negative things about Catholics until they started treading on the rights of Kansas women. Poor Catholics my a$$ lol.


Glad to see you’re upstanding person, to not rub it in after winning.

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