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The 2021 general election is Nov. 2 with a number of city and school board seats up for grabs. Advance voting opens Oct. 16. 

Six candidates — Michael Crouch, Christina Faulkner, Lillian Lingenfelter, Paul Meinke, Jami Reever and Jennifer Thomas — are vying for three positions on the USD 253 Board of Education. 

We submitted the same set of questions to each candidate and today are publishing their unedited answers. 

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I made a quick covid cheat-sheet for all of you voters too lazy to read through the candidates.

Michael Crouch - Anti-mask, and beats around the bush about it.

Christina Faulkner, M.D. - Anti-mask, and doesn't beat around the bush about it.

Paul Meinke - Anti-mask who realizes that masks are actually effective and necessary to keep kids safe and in the classroom. Doesn't lie to himself about the high covid rates in other schools without mask mandates.

Lillian Lingenfelter - Pro-mask, "priority is to keep educators and students healthy and in schools."

Jennifer Thomas - Anti-mask/Anti-vaccine and pro-handwashing/sunlight/fresh air.

Jami Reever - Pro-mask, wants to keep kids in school and to ensure that everyone in our buildings is staying safe and healthy.

If you are in favor of preventing covid in your schools you should vote for Lingenfelter, Reever, and Meinke.

If you are in favor of spreading covid to everyone like it's Florida, you should vote for Crouch, Faulkner, and Thomas.

And of course this is all just like, my opinion man.

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