Lyon County Public Health officials reported 99 new positives, Monday afternoon, along with the unveiling of its new COVID-19 dashboard.

The dashboard is more streamlined, more precise and more accurate, according to Database Administrator Kate Monroe-Segobia.

“It tells you how the information is being calculated,” she said. “Data in general is fluid. The numbers are never going to be concrete for the first seven days.”

Some of the changes include some decreases in the number of recovered patients from last week. Monroe-Segobia said this was the result of moving from the old system and into the new system.

The old system, which was compiled through spreadsheets, ended up with redundancies overtime in the recoveries column. Examples are cases that were routed to another counties, but had not been properly reported as such.

The new system essentially “cuts out the middle man,” she said, and creates a more accurate and precise flow of information.

“After today that particular discrepancy should not happen again,” Monroe-Segobia said. “It’s just changing over to the new system.”

Another new feature is seeing the breakdown of positive cases versus negative cases performed, as well as the total number of tests performed versus the total number of individuals performed.

To date, 7,989 individuals have been tested in Lyon County — about 23.49% of the population.

The dashboard will be updated Monday, Wednesday and Friday and is available at

Statewide, Kansas reported another seven-day record for new coronavirus cases.

The state Department of Health and Environment added 7,234 confirmed and probable cases since Friday to the state’s total for the pandemic, increasing it 6.3% to 122,741. The department also reported another 10 COVID-19-related deaths over three days, bringing the total to 1,266 since the pandemic reached the state in early March.

The state had a record average of 2,741 new cases a day for the seven days ending Monday, or 7.4% higher than the previous high of 2,553 cases per day for the seven days ending Friday. The health department has issued five reports updating coronavirus numbers over the past 11 days, and each one has shown a record seven-day average.

The state reported 19,188 new coronavirus cases over the past seven days. That’s the equivalent of one in every 152 residents testing positive.

The state also averaged a record 42 new COVID-19-related hospitalizations for the seven days ending Monday, beating the previous high of 38, set for the seven days ending Wednesday. The health department reported 104 new hospitalizations since Friday, to bring the pandemic total to 4,431.

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