City Planning and Zoning Officer Joe Foster discusses zoning changes with Lyon County Commissioners Wednesday morning.

Lyon County Commissioners approved a minor plat application which would allow for future construction of Evergy facilities during an action session Wednesday morning.

City of Emporia Planning and Zoning Officer Joe Foster approached the board with details of the plat, saying it would be located at 1771 Road G just outside the city limits within the Metropolitan Planning Area. As part of the motion, commissioners also agreed to change the area from an agricultural designation to a light industrial designation.

“The Planning Commission did hear the minor plat application and made a change extending the right-of-way from 25 feet to 40 feet,” Foster said. “That will help meet future demands as Road 180 gets improved. The plat itself is an approximately 20-acre single plot that will meet the needs of Evergy/Westar as they are proposing to expand.”

At this point in time, the sale of the land is still being negotiated with Evergy, but is expected to be made final in the coming weeks. Construction in the area is not expected to begin fully for a couple more years as the City of Emporia works on improving nearby roads.

“The city is currently in the process of drafting a memo of understanding with Evergy in regard to road and sewer improvements in that area,” Foster said. ”It’s my understanding that once the property is acquired, they’ll then sign that memo. Once they start construction — which could come sometime in 2022 or 2023 — they would annex into the city at that time … Evergy is planning to relocate all their local offices and their equipment to one sight.”

In other business, Lyon County Emergency Management Director Jarrod Fell approached the board for approval on additional electrical installment costs at the Lang Substation’s radio site building. Once renovations are completed, the location will be used to improve emergency communication services across the county’s more rural areas.

“[Evergy] basically informed us that the building they currently have at their radio tower requires 200-amp service,” Fell said. “That’s the same service we require for our building as well. They said it would take in excess of what was quoted to us from Lyon-Coffey Electric to update their little substation that feeds that building. Basically, we’re better off going through Lyon-Coffey Electric.”

The new bid — which was unanimously approved by commissioners — is for approximately $19,000.

During the meeting, commissioners also:

• Approved a quote from Max Welding Supplies of Emporia for a Trailblazer 324 Welder in the amount of $6,697.

• Approved a quote from Max Welding Supplies of Emporia for a Big Blue 400 Pro Welder in the amount of $12,090

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KB Thomas

I found out that these wind turbans that bring in 2000 per month have a ten year tax exemption. what a deal. this is through the state as they continue to give away the farm. Very few people know about this. 240,000 dollars tax free from property taxation per wind turbin.


Where'd you get this information? Just curious because the average lease rate per turban is $4k-$8k per year. It must be super windy in those spots 24/7 to justify paying triple the average rate per turban. These wind turbans are probably average sized, so they probably only take up no more than a couple acres of cow pasture. How much does a farmer pay for a 120 acre plot of ground? Over an 11 year period, would you rather collect taxes on 120 acres of pasture, or (60) 2 acre turban sites? The first year after 10 years pays more than the previous 10 years of undeveloped farmland combined. This is called an incentive and its how cities lure companies to build things in their areas.

KB Thomas

Is this expansion going to be a 10 year tax exemption? In my opinion this property should not be tax exempt. Also, in the Reading area there are 64 wind turbans going in at 2000 dollars per month. I think these properties in the state of Kansas should be taxed at a 25% commercial rate like any other business across the state of Kansas.


In lieu of taxes, they "gift" a monetary amount to the county. The State refuses to get involved in any facet of the wind turbine development leaving hungry county commissions to accept about any deal. Wind energy, when researched, is not what it is said to be, and right now they are riding on government subsidies due to end, and hopefully not renewed again. Real estate should open up as people relocate out of the area, so I guess that is an upside since there is supposed to be a shortage of housing here. Wind Watch is a good sight to watch how this all operates. Sadly, the price of power will go up, and the efficiency stated, as well as the energy produced, doesn't measure up to actual results by long standing wind farms. Selling the future for some quick bucks in the moment.

SeanRanklin lol and fossil fuel industry back website claiming how inefficient wind turbines are of course they hate on wind turbines. I am not saying they are the most efficient in the world, but my goodness your citing of sources is awful.

Aim_High is owned by "Domains By Proxy, LLC". That's strange...

"Domains by Proxy" is a website that hides the owner of a websites identity, creating a shield to hide your identity while committing fraud, abusive, or other objectionable activity online. Any domain owned by "Domains by Proxy" is automatically suspect.


Wind Watch: “Wind turbines … can be quite efficient, capturing and converting most of the energy from the wind that is physically possible (the Betz limit), although only at a rather narrow range of wind speed.”

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