I’ll start by saying this: masks are important right now. For the immediate future we need to get people on board about taking our actions seriously in a different manner. Our way of living has changed and working with each other is for the betterment of humanity. That is to say, if we all love life then we need to work together.

I’ll continue by saying this: humans were not meant to live in masks for the rest of our existence. We must live IN the world, not hide from it behind band-aids. Masks do not cure, prevent, or keep us safe from any future (or present) diseases that the world throws at us. They are a temporary measure that have fast become a sticky subject within our culture.

This is the ideal time in history to look at our personal health more thoughtfully. Americans have gorged themselves on cheap, fried, nitrate-ridden, gluttonous diets for decades now. Many of us think mowing the yard is a good day’s exercise or that drinking a glass of water for every soda is a healthy ratio. Our way of life, as it might be tolerable, does not allow us to thrive. It barely allows us to survive.

The environment we live in is much more toxic than it was even 50 years ago. The quality of what we ingest, be it air, food, drink, visually or even socially is degrading by the year. Our bodies are continually working harder to keep us from growing old. Diseases such as diabetes, cancer or even a heart condition may be attributed to how we live our lives.

We must continue to evolve how we exist on our planet and the thing that each of us can do going forward is to take our health into our own hands.

Things such as hormone balance, foods that boost our immunity, correct exercise for longevity, and meaningful mental health practices are all things that are much more productive in preventing sickness. In addition, they add years or even decades to the quality of life for humans. I’ve studied these benefits over the past 12 years and was sold on the win-win of longevity and health when I started to see the benefits in my own life.

There is not a magic bullet, but there is a lot of pertinent information out there. With the level of unknown at this point in 2020 it is only prudent to do what we can personally to help ourselves.

Consider going to drjboss.com to start your information gathering and to begin to think differently about our current situation in 2020. There are also great places here in Emporia such as Nature’s Paradise Health Food Store that have great personal advice on rebooting the body towards longevity. Biohacking is the next trend and newest weapon for the human race to combat our anxieties in the world.

Fighting, ridicule and fear are not going to help us get back on track, but certainly health measures are a step in the right direction.

Wouldn’t it be great to not wear masks? When coronavirus has subsided, who is to say that tequila virus won’t be next? Or trench foot? The world is full of vaccines that are less than 50 percent effective. Personal health is under your control and gives you a better place in the world for a brighter life and a safer future.

To mask or not to mask? That is one of the main questions in society right now. But the answer is not in the mask; the solution is within us.

Cory Bosiljevac

Marketing Executive

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