County 3/4/21

The Lyon County Commission held a special meeting to discuss the current health order on Wednesday morning.

No decisions were made during the meeting; however, the discussions highlighted the complexities in regard to the issue of extending the mask mandate further. The discussion was intended to include County Health Officer Dr. Ladun Oyenuga, but she was unable to attend. 

“I do know that the last time we did our new health order, Dr. O[yenuga] said the biggest thing was the masks,” Commissioner Scott Briggs said.

The commissioners discussed how the mask mandate is currently a mask mandate without penalty and whether this would be any different from simply revoking the mask order and strongly recommending masks instead.

Lyon County Controller Dan Williams argued that the difference between the two would be in people’s responses, suggesting that within two weeks of a recommendation being made the commission would likely see a dramatic decline in people wearing masks.

“But are you going to see a big increase in cases?” asked Commissioner Doug Peck in response.

“Who knows? That’s the unknown,” Williams said. “On the flip side, if you open everything up, people are going to gather and do the mass gathering stuff. [If there is an increase in cases], is it because they’re not wearing masks or is it because they’re gathering? And more than likely the people that gather won’t wear a mask anyway.”

Lyon County Counselor Marc Goodman noted how the commissioners are in a difficult position because people will be upset with them no matter what decision they make

“It’s like you’re a sheepdog. … [If you] take the sheepdog and send him home, all the sheep walk around bleating, blaming you for what they don’t do or do do,” Goodman said.

Commissioners also expressed concern over the other consequences of the pandemic besides the consequences it has had for people’s health.

“I’m not trying to play like I’m the seer on a magical ball, but I’ve been arguing for a long time that the hidden effects economically, they’re out there, we just haven’t seen them but we’re starting to and that’s a problem,” Goodman said.”That’s a balance that you have to weigh.”

Peck shared a personal anecdote about how his wife has seen a 50% reduction in business as a result of the pandemic.

“It has had a severe economic impact,” Peck said.

The conversation was continued until Thursday morning’s regularly-scheduled action session at 9 a.m.

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"Leadership" through appeasement?

Beta males.

Hen-pecked. Spineless. Leading from behind. Fence straddlers. Society's Monday night quarterbacks. Last to any party and first to leave before the tab.


aka your typical Republicans.


Other towns are lifting their mandate. If a person still wants to wear their mask, go a head.


So the only difference once the mask mandate is lifted is the city will no longer be frowning on bare faces. The only penalty before was a dirty look of being recognized as a selfish sociopath, seemingly a badge of honor in some circles.


Mr. Goodman, don't go into the sheep raising business because you don't know what you are talking about. Dogs are only used when it is time to round up the sheep. Left on their own, sheep will find forage and be perfectly fine with the way they congregate, the mature ones in the middle of the flock for protection. The ones on the outside are more vulnerable and get eaten by wolves. Experience counts. Leave sheep ranching to people who know what they are doing, Mr. Goodman. You're a lawyer, not a shepherd.


The international news speaks every day about the number of cases rising in those areas of the world that have allowed people to once again congregate with or without masks. Florida is a perfect case in point. The facts are plain as day and charted. Why can't the city commission see that? People are just plain stubborn, and they are making the rest of us sick and have to stay in lockdown longer. The County Attorney has no say in the matter. One of his own staff was down with Covid not long ago. This has become one big stupid merry-go-round. Pay attention to the world and watch what happens when they stop mask mandates. They die.

Annie Lou

Is re-election really the only driving force behind these decisions? Is the possibility of people being upset really a factor in decision making? What if people become “wandering sheep “, you don’t think the rest of us can handle that? Common boys and girls, make a decision, but consider the consequences in human lives.


Yes they will be remembered at election time and be reelected.


Marc Goodman needs to step down! He’s not an elected commissioner and I’m tired of his ‘sheep’ comments about public people. He’s condescending to the extreme and is a lousy county attorney! He has no business steering the commission to rescind a mask mandate! The bad strains are here. Can’t the commission wait a month?


There is really no good reason to keep a mask mandate at this point. So many folks are either recovered or have had the vaccine and are immune that keeping the mandate is just a power grab. If our government leaders maintain the mandate, they will be remembered at reelection time.

James C

If you feel safer wearing a mask go ahead. But don't give the rest of us dirty looks when we don't. I have not had the shots and will not. I remember all the business that have asked me to leave because I refuse to COMPLY. I wear a mask at work because I would be sent home or fired. Election time is coming and I do vote in person. #doesntplaywell


When you do vote, and this pandemic is still going on, please wear a mask. You haven't had the shots, nor will you wear a mask. That means you are a spreader. No wonder you receive dirty looks. Those who don't play well with others get time outs.

The Red Blooded Patriot

It because were not brainwashed like people like you. If your mask truly works than wear it. I mean after all why be afraid of us if your mask truly works.

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