Wendy’s just can’t quit Emporia.

The restaurant will be returning, this time to be located in the former location of Long John Silver’s at 1928 W. Sixth Ave.

According to Emporia Zoning Specialist Joe Foster, a variance was approved for Cotti Foods during a recent planning and zoning meeting. The variance was requested at the former Long John Silver’s location. The plans for this read “Wendy’s,” which were shown at the meeting.

“They’re asking for a setback variance from our regulations,” Foster said. “It’s actually farther than what the existing building is there, but they’ll, you know, demo the existing Long John Silver’s and construct a new building.”

Specifically, Cotti Foods asked for a front-yard setback, he said.

Foster described the new building that’s planned for the site as a “3,000-square-foot building.”

The variance was needed, he said, because of where Cotti Foods wants to construct the new building.

“Because of where they want to build it, our requirements would be that they’d have to build it back farther in the lot if they tore down the existing building,” Foster said. “And so, they just were asking for permission to build a building closer to the road.”

He said this could help the new restaurant draw more pedestrian traffic and be more visible from the road.

This is preliminary, he said, and he doesn’t have a timeline for when construction will begin on the new restaurant, much less when Wendy’s will open.

“I don’t know what they’re thinking as far and when the building’s going to come down, when they’re going to break ground on the new one,” Foster said. “It hasn’t come up in the discussion at this point. I think they just wanted to get through this hurdle. But they’ve invested a considerable amount of time and I assume money to even come up with site plans at this point.”

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Emporia does a really good job at attracting fast food joints to town.


people do a great job eating at them.

Bill free

👍 👍 👍


What's the story on Kwik Shop
Still going to build or not?



Gary Lukert

Yes! Is Great News! I really like being able to stop by and get a BAKED Potato! Plus lots of other Good Stuff! And, Yes, Wendy's Great Chili!


This is great news!!!!! Welcome Back!!!!



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