Lyon County's number of active COVID-19 cases jumped to 98, Friday, after Lyon County Public Health reported 15 new positives and four recoveries.  

The new positives pushed the county's overall infections to 913, including 795 recoveries and 19 deaths. There were an additional 15 pending death certificates awaiting review at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. 

According to, 5,628 people have been tested since March. No new tests had been reported since Thursday. 

Four active clusters are ongoing in the county, with a cluster associated with Emporia State University rapidly growing. The number of active cases at the university was 22 as of Friday.

As of Friday, the ESU Student Health Center had tested 47 students and reported 13 new positives. A total of 21 students have tested positive since Aug. 17. 

ESU also tested 177 students in a random group, coming back with 14 positives. Overall, the university has reported 35 positive tests out of 272 students tested. Three students are reported as staying in on-campus isolation housing and one student was in on-campus quarantine housing. 

Flint Hills Technical College reported all of its students had been released from quarantine. 

Other clusters include two involving private industries. There are eight active cases out of 156 total reported infections. One death has been reported. 

Long-term care accounts for 154 cases overall with 10 active cases and 12 deaths. There are 13 pending death certificates at KDHE. 

In Chase County, 76 total cases had been reported as of Monday. According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, 56 of those cases were related to cases at the Chase County Detention Center. Thirty cases were still active, as of Thursday. 

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The data is evidence that the mask mandate is not working. Commissioners acknowledged no available local data the day the mandate passed. We're a month in and the statistics show a steady increase of cases- and recoveries. Commissioners now have relevant data: their mandate didn't work. End the mandate.


Too much wrong with this paragraph to be able to unpack. Look to the science, not to the rhetoric.


The science says masks DON'T work. Covid 19 easily enters through the masks. The masks have actually been proven to be hazardous to your health and actually CAUSE health problems. It's time to do away with this mask mandate which is obviously just a Democratic socialist ploy to control, endanger and demoralize while forcing their false and misleading agenda on the masses through lies and deception.


You're relying on old data, masks work. They aren't 100% effective but way better than nothing at all.

Vintage Queen

Right, Diamond, just because it's worked in other countries, in other cities, it's all just a ploy. Let's see, the US has the HIGHEST amount of cases and deaths and we don't have a real plan. We don't have mandated masking, testing or tracing like other countries who have already opened up. It worked for them, but we're the highest because we DIDN'T do what other countries did. Just check out how cases have already been directly linked to the Sturgis Rally. Yep, all just a plot.


For your enlightenment: the CDC readjusted the death rate. Fewer people are dying from Covid than earlier projected numbers. This readjustment occurred days ago. Check

Which science are people to rely on?

Remember that the scientists said in January and February that we did not need masks. In response, people ran out and started buying toilet paper and hand sanitizer in bulk. We've been fighting viruses literally our whole lives and know how to handle them.

Now some scientists say we do need to wear masks, but others point to Sweden. They had no mask mandate and scientists say the Swedish people have achieved herd immunity. Some scientists say, "Masks!" Some say, "The virus isn't going anywhere so it's better to achieve herd immunity."

Remember that Coronavirus has been studied in labs for years. There's even a patent on the virus- check the patent. It's open source information. Since it's been studied for years, it's curious why the experts don't have a handle on the very thing they studied. Some scientists even donated money to the labs studying the virus. Some of those generous donors to the labs have even invested in the development of a new drug to the market: Remdisvir. They stand to make lots of money. Hmmm There's a lot one could say about that.

For some reason scientists have been wishy washy on their recommendations.

For all of this, it is interesting how quickly people fell into lock step on this mask thing, especially when science seems so conflicted on how we should respond. Remember we are 100+ days into the "14 Days To Flatten the Curve." End the Mandate.


Scientists have not been wishy-washy so much as they have improved their knowledge of what works and what doesn't. I remember well that SOME coronaviruses have been studied in labs for years. The COVID-19 strain jumped to humans less than a year ago, before which it was previously unidentified (hence the name, "novel coronavirus," in which "novel" means "new"). What science should people rely on? The most recent science as reported in reputable, peer-reviewed journals. The reasons our positivity rates, both locally and nationally, are so terrible is because we have not universally adopted social distancing, masking, and other mitigating behaviors. As long as we have COVID-deniers and people who equate risky behaviors with liberty, we will continue to have out-of-control positivity rates.


That’s not evidence that the mask mandate isn’t helping. It’s evidence that this is a highly contagious disease. The mask mandate isn’t going to end the pandemic, but hopefully it will slow down the spread until we can get a vaccine.


Check this out:


The mandate isn't working because so few people are abiding by it. One trip to Dillons should tell you that. Very few are wearing masks. I won't shop there because of it.

Vintage Queen

Exactly, Aulani.

Vintage Queen

it's not the mandate that isn't working, it's that not enough people follow the mandate all the time, everywhere they should follow it. There are parties, gatherings that people don't mask. I see it in my neighborhood.


It sounds like you're angry at local law enforcement for not regulating people's behaviors. I fully respect our local law enforcement. The mandate unfairly burdens them. Our public servants work hard enough already.

They deserve appreciation from our community.

If it's true what you say about people everywhere refusing to wear masks in neighborhoods and, as pointed out by another, at a local grocery store, then it indicates the commissioners were not in touch with the desires of the majority of the community. They should listen more to what the community wants as a whole, which still allows for an individual to choose what is in his or her best medical interest. End the mandate.


Queen didn't express anger at local law enforcement. Queen expressed disappointment that residents are disregarding their responsibilities under the mandate.

Hollowed Ground

Emporia might want to study St Paul, Virginia. They thought they were immune to a pandemic because they are small and rural. They gather at churches, weddings, funerals, family socials. No one takes precautions because they have faith in God to take care of them. Well, they learned the hard way what God really thinks of them.


Amen. Please follow the mandates everyone.

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