A portrait of John Brown by John King. 

In my term of teaching I would beseech my students not to believe everything being told them about history. I told them that this included me. Because much of it is in the view of the writer or the teacher. I would wager that if one took a history course in Japan; Pearl Harbor would have a totally different viewpoint than ours.

We must understand the term “liberal” to be able to digest what recent Op-Eds were attempting to impart. Liberal is defined as “the holding of liberal views.”

”One of the basic tenets of liberalism is tolerance.” Liberal is to freely impart a new idea, or expand the mind with new thoughts. This is why universities have “liberal arts” departments. With these basic definitions let’s look further. Again, don’t believe a word that I say until you look it up for yourself.

To that end I had to look up a recent contributers “facts” and other people’s points of view that were published in the Gazette recently. Let’s have a look.

My liberal kin started out living in Parnell, Kansas, which is just a short distance outside Atchison. They had to live there because cities were being burned to the ground and citizens were being killed. Much like today’s social unrest. The reason that they lived outside Atchison was because they held liberal ideas. They thought that Blacks should be free. Atchison was left alone by the Democrat Bushwackers who wanted Kansas to be a slave State. We even contributed to John Brown’s efforts to go to Harper’s Ferry to steal guns to be used by his uprising. This was a “liberal” idea to free Blacks. An interesting side bar was that he was captured and hung by Robert E. Lee, who later became the Confederate States head General. My title of this article charges John Brown to be a racist. The reason is that he thought that Blacks were incapable of operating a firearm so he took them spears. His view was stupid when one knows how well Black patriots fought for their and my Union cause.

(I thought enough of John Brown to buy a painting of him from my good fisherman and artist friend John King.)

Let’s go forward with a few facts that I charge anyone to correct about who were the Liberals that helped the Blacks get their rights that were so justifiable.

Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 freed enslaved people in areas in rebellion against the United States. I dare someone to tell me that this was not liberating and a most liberal act. Don’t forget that Lincoln was the first Republican President.

Was it the Democrats who refused to let the Northern “Carpet Bagger” Republicans allow Blacks to gain State office in the Confederate States? Yes; they took every action from poll taxes to examinations to deny Black citizens’ their right to vote.

Was it predominantly the Democrats who formed the Klu Klux Klan to prevent the liberal Republicans from allowing Blacks to vote? Yes. Every Grand Dragon in the original huge and powerful organization was a Democrat.

Who were the liberals who voted in favor of the of our 13th Amendment to our wonderful Constitution that finally formally freed the slaves? It was the liberal Republicans. James Mitchell Ashley was an American politician and abolitionist. A member of the Radical Republican Party, Ashley served as a member of the United States House of Representatives from Ohio during the American Civil War, where he became a leader of the Radical Republicans and pushed for passage of the 13th Amendment, ending slavery in the United States. Pay close attention that Ashley was a member of the Radical Republicans. They were indeed very liberal for this most liberating and new view.

Who were the liberals that voted unanimously in favor of our Civil Rights Amendment? It was the Republicans.

A filibuster is an act to prevent a law from being voted on in the Senate. It might be interesting to you to know that the longest filibuster ever held in the Senate was a hundred years after the Civil War. It was to prevent the Civil Rights laws from being voted into law. The longest filibuster was conducted in the 1960s by the Southern Democrats to prevent the Civil Rights Act from being voted on. The Republicans of the Senate voted unanimously to stop the filibuster. They were all liberal Republicans along with a very few liberal Democrats.

I could go on with many more examples of who the liberals were, but I will stop with these. It’s easy to Google these.

I am really proud of my family’s ties to freedom who were indeed Liberal Radical Republicans. They would not run. I am firmly of the opinion that one of the reasons that our cities are burning, and the term “racist” is so often used is that some schools have abandoned and will not stand for freedom to speak nor for exposing historical facts for all of the US to be proud of. If I have offended anyone with these points, I care not unless someone can prove my points as being wrong. Again look them up for yourself and decide who to believe as honest and who the propagandists are. Also keep firmly in mind that those who tout “diversity” often taught in places that were predominantly of one political party.

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Thank You for the article!! Can't believe the owners of the Gazette let you publish truth!!!

Gary Lukert

Yes, things have flipped. Since the South had the Slaves, I guess they were mostly Democrats...because, in those days, Republicans opposed Slavery. Now Republicans support White Power, and are opposed to Blacks. Yes, they are. If the Civil Rights Act was being voted on by today's Republicans, they would nearly

all vote NO! Lincoln, a Republican is NOT honored in the South! Lincoln is still hated! I have read only about a 3rd of your letter. That's what my comment is based on. I FULLY SIDE WITH JOHN BROWN! There wouldn't have been any JOHN BROWN...if the Evil South hadn't had Slavery. I AM WHITE...of German-English extraction. I have been told that I derive from one of the English pilgrims on the Mayflower. Darnell was the name. I was told this...I have NEVER checked myself. But, I do recall a DARNELL Reunion, in Seward, Nebraska...way back in the late 40s. It is interesting to note...that many of those coming from England were opposed to having to be the religion of the King...I can't say for fact. But, the interesting part is...when they got here, they were very strict that people should obey THEIR Religion.

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