Oscar Macias continues to see the Emporia High girls soccer team improve in several areas.

On Monday against Wichita Heights, the Spartans were much more organized on the field than in recent days, but it wasn’t enough as neither team could get on the scoreboard after 100 minutes of play.

“The organization is getting better (in) girls being able to support each other in different parts of the field,” Macias said. “They played well (and) organized. I loved the heart ... showed and that gives you a chance. The organization was much better than Friday. We kept our shape. As long as we’re able to keep our shape and girls are able to stay organized, we’re going to give ourselves a chance.”

Junior Anyssa Hammond had multiple saves on goal, but didn’t allow one shot past her.

“I’m happy that I was able to do what I did,” she said. “The defense saved me a bunch of times. I think we worked really well together.”

In the first overtime period, the Falcons had a shot to win it, however, freshman Isabel Garcia saved the shot from going into the back of the net.

“I knew I probably could’ve gone for it,” Hammond said. “I might’ve reached it, but I trusted her and she did her job and I was really proud of her. She was able to perform well and get it out of there. They didn’t score, so we didn’t lose.”

Even if the result was a tie, Hammond said Monday’s game helps boost their morale.

“Hopefully, that’ll help us perform better,” she said. “I think it’ll also really help our communication. We started to talk (during) overtime. I think that helped.”

EHS (1-5-1) travels to Manhattan for a 6:45 p.m. match this evening.

“I think we will play really united (today),” Hammond said. “There’s hope for us to play well. If we play pretty well, there’s a chance.”

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