ValuNet is trying to get the word out to the Emporia community about a situation regarding the theft or “hijacking” of local telephone numbers.

The latest news in the age-old issue with telemarketers and robo calls is that they are now hijacking existing local telephone numbers and using them to make calls. This makes the person receiving the call believe it is coming from someone else in Emporia (maybe even a person or business they know).

Fraudsters that use Robo calling are now using active customer numbers of residents and businesses to make calls across the country. Someone in California, Texas or New York might get a robo call with your phone number showing up as the number on the caller ID that called them.

“This problem is an industry issue,” ValuNet President Rick Tidwell said in a written statement Wednesday. “It makes no difference who your local phone company or cellular provider is, your number can be hijacked at any time.”

The FCC and the industry are working on software that will be able to block calls like this. However, the technology is not yet in place to stop the calls. As soon as it is available it will be implemented across the country, which is hopefully soon.

“Please be aware of this issue,” Tidwell wrote. “If you should get a call from someone locally, or from another part of the country saying they got a call from you, explain that you did not make the call, but that your number has been hijacked. This could happen to anyone in the country and it could be a cell phone, home phone or business phone.”

Anyone with questions or who needs information is urged to call ValuNet at 620-208-5000.

“We are always here to help,” Tidwell said

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I recieved 2 that was my own phone number


I got three of them today, recorded caller states that the gov't is basically canceling out my tax debt but only if I call right away!! Those Emporia numbers are: 620-3435350, 620-343 8327, 620-343 8089. If you have one of these numbers you may need to get a new one.


Kind of makes you want to go back to smoke signals!

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